What Dota 2 Crews has Greatest Potential?

Esports is an exciting activity that attracts many people around the world. Many people still do not understand how this activity can be called a sport, but athletes work and try no less than other people. They spend a lot of their own time constantly practising and improving their skills. That is why only the most trained people can consistently win. Now there are many teams in Esports Dota 2 playing this computer game at a professional level. They participate in the largest competitions and can earn a lot of money in this activity.

But a person who has not yet fully understood this lesson does not know which crews are considered good and whose matches you must watch if you want to see truly grandiose matches. In this article, we will talk about several crews that have been in the highest places in the world ranking for a long time.

List of Best Squads

Team Secret

We are talking about the best crews in recent times and in general for all time in Esports Dota 2. Every person who plays this game or is simply interested in this area and regularly reads the news and follows sports events related to Esports Dota 2, cannot be unaware of this command. They are considered the best crew of all time in Esports Dota 2. It is also worth saying that these guys can hold their position for a long time in the ranking of the best crews and the most popular crews. They have been holding first place in this rating for more than 1 year, that is, for more than 400 days. This crew occupies the top place in the ranking in every championship and tournament in every tournament and tournament.


This crew is also top-rated in Esports Dota 2 among users. They have a lot of fans around the world who support them and cheer for this crew at every championship. They honourably take second place in the ranking of the best crews right after Team Secret. It is worth saying that there is often a situation when this team beats the leaders of the rating. It should be said that a member of this team is considered the best player in Esports Dota 2 over the past year.


If we are talking about the list of the best teams, not only for the last year but in general for all time, then we cannot fail to mention Virtus.pro. This squad is also in one of the highest places. If you want to watch a good game and learn about effective tactics in this game, then be sure to watch at least one of their Dota 2 games yourself.

Use Their Tactics!

We talked about some of the best teams in Esports Dota 2. If you want to use their tactics in your own game, you should watch these teams’ matches yourself.