Esports is an enormously popular discipline today. It’s so easy just to play favorite games at home and become a real cyber sportsman. You are free to keep an eye on the well-respected gamers and profit from it. The task is obvious — bet and gain! In this article, we tell you how to lead betting on such events and minimize risks. Let’s get it started!

Esports: meaning and essence

Cyber sports, as they are also known, are linked to video games. They are competitions between two or more people in professional video games. Such ones have revolutionized electronic tournaments. They can be held online or in person. It calculates for spectators and others, as in any other discipline.

In fact, today there are many themed clubs. They recruit the most outstanding experts and the best players. Those who can keep professionally stand out more. Today more and more professional teams are formed and participate in various championships. As a result of the growth, esports betting has entered the industry.

Being a live competitive activity, it was inevitable not to appear on betting websites. Now you are free to bet on anything online through a licensed bookmaker.

Historical backstage

The first esports event was organized by Stanford students in October 1972. They played Space Warfare. The first video game tournament took place. It gathered about ten thousand participants and attracted a lot of media attention.

With the advent of the internet and instant messaging in the 1990s, the gaming industry developed rapidly. Nowadays the most famous cyber competitions may boast unprecedented prize pools. For instance, Dota 2’s total prize pool has grown from $1 million to over $40 million.

TOP games to be aware of

It is true that most video games offer multiplayer options, but few are strictly part of cyber discipline. Thus, the main ones are Dota 2, Starcraft 2, Call of Duty and Fifa series, League of Legends, etc. They are played in tournaments around the whole world.

There are online occasions to watch or take part. To give an example, the various options are offered at world-class events like Tougeki in Tokyo and EVO (Evolution Championship Series) in North America, etc.

The legality of esports betting

As it is a relatively new phenomenon that appeared only recently, online-themed betting is becoming increasingly accessible to people all over the world. Such gambling is recognized as a legal form of staking in many countries.

To be assured, the industry is regulated by law in the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and many European countries. International events are held everywhere.

How to bet on esports to win?

Now it’s an interesting market opportunity to have grown in its popularity. So you can easily gamble on cyber matches with many bookmakers. This staking is similar to bidding on a regular sporting event. You are free to do it almost in each gambling company.

When we talk about gaming mechanics, it remains the same as in other disciplines. Positions that the bettor must predict and get right are given. Here you have to mind odds too. Odds are also set for a given offer, which is used to calculate the value of the prediction.

Likewise, the latter will vary, as is the case with traditional disciplines, taking into consideration various factors. To give an example, the previous performance of a team to select a favorite or underdog. So there will be bookmakers who offer low odds and pay less. Or vice versa, the way fortune will say.

You may choose from a range of occasions that will be played on the day too. It will vary depending on which video game the stake is placed on. Real-time betting is also available. Some of the most successful bookmakers offer live coverage of what is happening. If you love cyber disciplines and want to make money from them, esports gambling is a great option.

The mechanisms of staking

Despite being a relatively new activity, there are always new aspects being added to the sports activity and various tournaments. Cyber gambling can be unsafe, especially if you have no knowledge about this world. Since, like any other discipline, ou must be provided with information about:

  • titles;
  • participants;
  • tournaments;
  • odds;
  • payouts;
  • market types!

In this way, you can get all the important information that serves to get a clear idea of which team or nation has greater dominance over the others. Moreover, it’s crucial to find out if it’s allowed to change or withdraw your bid during a tournament. And it is better to understand the rates and promotions available.

You need to know which online bookmakers allow you to predict multiple occasions because it is such a specific industry, not all bookmakers enter the market. You should master all the eSports rules and be prepared to stake.

Odds as a key skill

This gambling is treated in the same way as regular sports. Look at the fees to be charged carefully, as the coefficients determine the amount of profit to get. Odds are now published by the bookmakers and should be chosen according to a formula to find the best balance between bookmakers’ profit and punters’ attractiveness.

Here the rates may be combined to create greater profits and benefits. If all predictions in the amount are not correct, you will lose the bid or, at best, receive a bonus for a higher number of predictions.

Best markets of cyber disciplines

Esports is supported in several specific markets. While the most common market is a prediction on the winner of the match, advanced gamblers mention:

  1. map winner;
  2. total maps performed;
  3. first death;
  4. total deaths!

But the markets vary depending on the tournaments or games to be offered by the bookmaker.

Winner of the match

It is a classic prediction. Here a team is predicted to be the winner. It’s used in most titles, games, competitions, or leagues.

Map winner

It is like a quarter or time winner in ordinary sports. Let’s take a game in Dota 2 for example, it is an option where you gamble on sports to win a map. Usually, the participants are sent with the intention of winning the map they are performing on, which is divided into two parts, and the team which won the map also wins the period.

Total maps performed

Here you need to understand the total number of maps played as less or mor

First death

As virtual platforms, many participants are executed in the middle of the game. But it is all about virtual death. In that sense, there are bids called first death or first blood, and only one squad is declared to have received the first death or blood from an opponent on the map.

Total deaths

Another very interesting market is staking on the total number of deaths. And like in Total maps performed, it is about less or more variation of how many bloods will occur in a match.

Leagues and occasions to bet on

Though the cyber industry is evolving every day, lots of events are set annually (monthly).To succeed you have to point out basic ones:

ESL Pro Leagues
It is the main professional CS:GO league. Gamers from the continents of Europe, America, Asia, and Oceania compete.

EA Sports FIFA Global Series
It is FIFA’s world premier event. A championship that brings together the best of the best is ideal for gambling.

League of Legends World Championship (LoL World Championship)
It is a crucial event in the industry. The best from each continent fight for glory.

European League of Legends Championship
It is the essential league in Europe. This is one of the most generated bids as it is followed by gamesters.

Fortnite World Cup
It is the TOP tournament. More than 2.3 million viewers watched the last final. Without a doubt, it’s a recommended option.

Call of Duty League
It is the main league of this famous video game. It is a tournament in which various squads participate (mainly from the USA).

The International
It’s the most important Dota 2 competition and one of the most popular in the cyber world. The best bookmakers allow you to stake in the exciting event.

Where to try fortune?

Online gamblers can place predictions through online betting shops or dedicated sports betting sites. If you are a newcomer, a bookmaker is the best option as you find many reliable sites which are regulated by law and offer excellent conditions for beginners. If you are a passionate fan and already familiar with the industry, you should find expert sites.

Online bidding sites

Many reliable and popular online gambling companies have decided to integrate sports betting into their platform to keep up with the times and meet the needs of more players. Choosing an online bookmaker seems quite preferable to the beginner.

As a rule, such sites have a good reputation and have been in the market for a long time, but check whether the platform you chose is licensed with high-security standards.

Expert sites

In addition to bookmakers that offer a wide range of options, there are sites that specialize in cyber topics only. Some of them are designed to cover a single game. On these sites, there is a lot of information about different leagues and tournaments, a larger selection of bids, and access to live streams of crucial events in the world.

As a beginner, you might not need to get much information at the beginning of your experience. But watching the news, reading articles and championships is useful to become more skilled and successful.

Tips to follow step by step

To succeed in the field it’s not enough just to read out about the rules and basic aspects of the sphere and the tournaments. Many experienced punters tried to get the victory, so a manual of necessary tips was born. We will not review all the recommendations, but point out the ideas below to minimize mistakes.

Note the limitations of a platform

In the world of bidding, one of the things that can impact your winnings is the odds of a match. The higher the odds, the higher your income. It means to maximize your income, you should look for platforms with the best and most lucrative odds.

Finding the platforms with the best coefficients make you understand the need for these tips. They vary from one company to another. To get the best offer, you need to compare predictions from different sites. If you trust only one company, you should use the coefficients provided on that site, even if they are not perfect.

Reveal everything about the occasion

Staking doesn’t work without research. For many punters, learning about platforms is the pinnacle and hallmark of research. But this is not the case. While it is very significant to explore the platform, it is crucial to understand the game you want to bid on. Perform it and understand how it works.

This way, you will understand the rules and regulations surrounding it. When you have a clear idea of the product, it becomes easier to acknowledge how to place it.

Another investigation you should take squads and individual performers. You need to be aware of the TOP crews, the roster, and the roles that each one performs. Having the data increases your standing as a punter.

The perfect way to explore the crews and their members is to watch the live matches. You get to know your favorite ones and their level of experience. Live broadcasts allow you to follow the progress of the game and make profitable bids.

Don’t forget the themed forums

One of the effective ways to analyze properly before placing a stake is to work with fan or expert forums and communities. Gamesters like you often post updates on the forums, you can be sure that most of the suggestions and opinions are expressed on these forums.

Use the withdrawal feature

Learn to stop while you start losing. It’s a golden rule of staking. To avoid losses use the Cash Out. It is a feature to allow punters to withdraw their winnings at any time.

You are free to use it when you feel that the squad is losing, but they are doing well at the moment or when your crew takes the lead and you would rather preserve your winnings than risk them if it loses later.

Mind security and reliability

Security is a key feature a punter should have when opening an account at any bookmaker. Gamesters share their confidential information like contacts and banking details, so digital security needs to be taken seriously.

Gambling sites use SSL encryption and protect personal data. Once again, remember any operator should be licensed and regulated by an official regulatory body.

Look for generous bonuses

Bonuses are not the last thing to consider when choosing the best operator. The first bonus you get on registration is the welcome bonus, which is usually given as free money you can use to place stakes.

The refer a friend bonus is awarded when you refer one of your friends to the bookmaker you sign up with. The companies run many other promotional campaigns, so subscribe to their regular newsletters so you don’t miss anything.

Variety of stakes provided

The variety of bids is also a significant factor. The types of bidding vary from one site to another. The most common are regular bids, where you can choose one outcome per event. To include more than one occasion, express stakes are for you.

There is also an option called system bets, where you gamble on a few different events and outcomes.

So the multiplicity of indicators affects your winning. Nobody is powerful enough to be a leader constantly, but following the tips, you will surely minimize the risks and maximize the opportunities.

To conclude: is it difficult to gamble on esports?

Indeed, it is not. The main rule is to study and open new knowledge to improve skills and get more experience.

The market is worth trying. So don’t be afraid of newness, go forward and conquer the niche!