Today, Dota 2 is one of the most popular types of esports, which has turned from an entertainment discipline into a real sports and commercial industry. Understanding the value and prospects of Dota 2 in betting, we decided to create a whole project dedicated to the features of this game, tips for proper betting on it, and reviews of the best championships, teams, and bookmakers in the sphere.

What is the project?

Our website is a small reference book for a bettor, which is just starting to take its first steps in esports (and betting too). It is always difficult to start, so we are ready to help everyone to understand the basic concepts, as well as narrow details.

We do not seek to tell you what to do and how to do it, which bookmaker or team to choose or not. It’s crucial for us to help and share professional tips.

Main goal

Betting requires clarity, analysis, and deep knowledge. Fortune is not enough. That is why the project is aimed at spreading the most important information about Dota 2, its general events, and prominent players in this game world, as well as valuable tips on the features of gambling in cyber disciplines. We strive to teach everyone who wants to bet correctly on Dota 2.

Strategic target

Our goal is to reach more than ten thousand users, for whom the material and recommendations published on the site will be useful. If we can help as many bettors as possible, it will be the greatest victory for us.

Development vision

We strive to continue developing the project because we are not used to giving up at all. It is essential that beginners and experienced gamblers move away from stereotypes and discover all the advantages of esports. This is no longer an ordinary game, but a real discipline.

Why pay attention to our project?

There are many sites that review the best bookmakers, but today there is not a single decent site where insider tips and market features, in general, are reviewed. It is a huge problem for the industry, as ignorance and misunderstanding of esports and betting on Dota 2 alienate many newcomers.

Also, our site is not saturated with unnecessary information — at the top, there is a clear main menu, and on the left, there are informative reviews of teams, championships, and bookmakers divided into sections. Nothing catches the eye or confuses the user because the interface is simple and concise.

Upcoming goals and dreams

We dream of constantly developing and improving, so the creation of new sections, blogs, and interactive formats is planned. Following new trends in the world of esports betting helps us to stay in shape and not stand still, but rather act decisively and experiment.

We are sure that positive changes and new achievements are just around the corner, but in the meantime, we invite you to read interesting reviews and articles that we have prepared for you!