The OG Club opens the exciting world of esports betting to fans

Esports entered the lives of people quite rapidly. Along with the development of technological progress, the growth of all related areas began. One such area was esports. From the very beginning, it was not entirely clear to everyone how Dota computer games could be a full-fledged sports discipline.

The more athletes played, the more popular computer games themselves began to receive. At that very moment, the bookmakers entered the game. Companies analyzed and noticed an actively growing demand for Dota bets in such niches.

Such an opportunity could not be missed. The world of esports betting has begun to develop rapidly. Over time, more and more game fans began to be interested in ways to make money. For quite a long time, gamblers have been studying the desired segment, its subtleties, and its features.

In the end, the sphere acquired a modern look. Today, in the field of eSports, there are a huge number of different championships and tournaments. Professional teams participate in such championships. One such team is the OG squad.

The performances of the crew members at the present stage do not give any doubts about their professionalism. To place Dota bets on OG, a gambler needs to know information about the crew, and thoroughly study the features of all players.

The basics of Dota strategy and tactics would not be superfluous. Esports is only partly predictable. Remember that there are no win-win tactics in the game. It is worth being patient and enjoying the game.

What is an OG club?

OG is an esports squad that was founded in 2015. In the same year, the sports club made its first breakthrough. The squad is thought one of the most famous and popular teams in esports. It took part in many different championships, where it was remembered due to its outstanding performances.

The players of the crew under consideration did a triumphant breakthrough in the lower bracket, a victory over the champions of previous seasons of tournaments, and a victory in the Kyiv Major tournament in 2017. The most striking event of the crew is considered to be a four-time Dota 2 champion title in the Dota Major tournament.

And 2018 marked the victory in The International in open qualifiers.

Location place Europe
Region represented European
Date of creation 31st October
Chief Coach Evhenii Makarov (Chuvash) 
Club Captain Mikhail Agatov (Misha)
Total sum of winnings Nearly $36 million 


History of the club formation

In August 2015, the sports club was initially formed under a different name – Monkey (Business). At the end of October, the organizers changed the name to the familiar one today – OG. Initially, the roster included both experienced players and new ambitious cyber athletes.

The Frankfurt Major was the scene of a triumphant breakthrough in favor of athletes. In the final, they defeated the reigning champion from Europe. Thus, the athletes won an invitation to The International 2016. During 2015-2016, the crew participated in different Dota tournaments and occupied different rating places. In 2016, the squad won The International in their group. Some disappointments followed.

Due to internal conflict, the club began to perform poorly and take lower places in the rankings. The conflict contributed to the departure of some squad members. There were personnel changes and the process began to improve.

Outstanding representatives in the context of internal conflict

At the very beginning of the creation of the sports club, prominent representatives were:

  • N0tail;
  • Fly;
  • Miracle;
  • Cr1t;
  • MoonMeander!

We have already mentioned the internal conflict between athletes. It led to staff changes. As a result, MoonMeander left the roster, and Miracle was forced to consider other offers to further his career. Cr1t as well thought about leaving but remained an active player.

A brief overview of OG performance in 2021-2022

The 2021-2022 seasons have been very productive and triumphant for the OG team. The given club has qualified for The International 2021 in the regional qualifiers. In the final, they were eliminated in the lower bracket losing 2 points to the future Dota champion.

As we already said, at the end of 2021, the squad roster completely changed and new players were introduced. Fresh talents helped the crew win the lower bracket of the Dota 2 Major. They beat the opponent 3:1. 2022 has been another breakthrough year for athletes.

In the One Malaysia 2022 tournament, the athletes beat the opponent with a score of 3:0, winning their group.

Speaking of statistics

Speaking about a short review of the club’s statistics, it is worth highlighting important points.

All-time win rate 61%
August 2021 win rate 44%
August 2022 win rate  55%
All time wins/loses 401/215
August 2021 wins/loses 4/3
August 2022 wins/loses 12/6
Top offline achievement 1st place in The International 2018/2019
Top online achievement 3rd place in Riyadh Masters 2022
Total 2021 earnings $1.3 million
Total 2022 earnings $2.2 million


Looking at the statistics of the team, we can conclude that the activities are highly efficient. The numbers create attraction to bettors who use statistics for their analysis.

Seasonal performance of the club

If we consider the seasons of 2021-2022 in the context of tournaments and championships, then the following picture emerges.

Championship Titles Earnings
ESL One Stockholm 2022 First place – champion title  $120,000 
Riyadh Masters 2022 Third place $80,000 
ESL One Malaysia 2022 First place – champion title  $175,000 
PGL Arlington Major 2022 Play-off $65 000
DPC WEU 2021/2022  Tour 3: Division I $50 000


The table shows the brightest and most memorable competitions of the period of activity under consideration. The team delighted their fans with most of their performances, which attracted many bettors to bet on the game.

Current OG staffing 2023

Today, the squad is represented by five sportsmen from different regions of the planet. A completely new line-up was announced at the end of November 2021. The organizers introduced both new members of the crew and the captain. Now the composition is:

Sportsman name ID Team position Region represented
Artem Golubiev Yuragi 1 Ukraine
Bozhidar Bogdanov bzm 2 Bulgaria
Ammar Al-Assaf ATF 3 Jordan
Tommy Le Taiga 4 Norway
Mikhail Agatov Misha 5 Russia


Before the arrival of the club’s new roster, the squad boasted ambitious members such as:

  • Sumal;
  • Topson;
  • Saksa;
  • Ceb;
  • Madara!

The change of the playing composition of the crew often occurs due to various reasons. Sometimes it concerns personal circumstances, sometimes forced measures. Updated in 2021, the OG roster immediately proved to be very strong. They proved that they were not chosen in vain.

Approximate schedule of club activities in the 2023 season

The crew will spend 2023 with the same updated line-up. Experts and fans expect incredible games and tactics from the participants. Gamblers are already very actively starting to get interested in the next season of events.

They understand that early long-term bets often bring big wins. The main thing in such a situation is to correctly assess future events. Today, in the middle of 2022, there is already a list of upcoming events in which the crew in question will take part.

Contest Approximate dates Prize Pool
ESL One Malaysia 2023 September 2023 $400 000
ESL One Stockholm 2023 June-July 2023 $500 000
Dota Pro Circuit 2022-2023 May-August 2023 $75 000 – $500 000
Riyadh Masters 2023 July-August 2023 $4 000 000


Having an idea about the plans of athletes, it becomes much easier for gamblers to carry out the necessary analysis. Today, bettors can roughly navigate the field of upcoming tournaments of the next season.

Conducting a detailed analysis of the features of the competition, and crew members in different competitions, the gambler forms an opinion on the choice of a long-term prediction.

Strengths and weaknesses of OG worth attention

Every sports unit are not perfect. No crew can boast of ideal advantages and lack of disadvantages. OG is not a perfect crew as well. But athletes do their best to improve their skills. It is very important for bettors to realistically assess the situation between colleagues, the situation between rivals, as well as the players themselves.

Profitable and winning bets are obtained only when people correctly consider all the positive and negative aspects. Today we will tell you about all the intricacies of OG that you should take note of.


  • Advantage over the world’s top teams;
  • Advantage over squads in Europe;
  • Availability of skilled players;
  • Having good sponsors;
  • Thoughtful tactics!


  • Weakness in front of CIS squads;
  • Possible degree of lack of teamwork in the new squad!

The new OG team appeared in 2021 and immediately won the loyalty of esports fans and bettors. The squad is famous for its ability to easily beat almost any top club. This was confirmed during the verу first matches of the athletes when they defeated the reigning champions.

On the other hand, the CIS teams sometimes had to concede. Perhaps the tactic was thought out incorrectlу. We could not say the same about the game against European crews. We must not forget about good sponsors who provide the plaуers with everуthing theу need.

Necessarу concerns are both equipment and motivation. OG carefullу considers his tactics, not risk once again in front of the enemу.

How to bet on OG profitablу

Making profitable Dota bets on a certain squad requires a lot of attention and accuracу. First of all, it is necessary to responsible approach the issues of choosing the tуpe of Dota rate and a reliable partner with the aim of cooperation.

In the matter of choosing a reliable partner, knowledge of several points can. Paу attention to the presence of an official license, which makes an honest partner out of a bookmaker. Take note of the company’s fame rating – the louder the name, the higher the activity will be. And of course, you should read customer reviews.

Theу will help уou understand in more detail in practice.

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Knowing the features and vital features of each bookmaker, it becomes easier for the gambler to make the right choice in key sports activities.

OG gives bettors unforgettable emotions from victories

Esports is a very young discipline. It requires attention and patience. In the modern world of technology development, the demand for computer games is supported by the demand for betting in such a niche.

The presence of a large number of international tournaments attracts more and more fans for monetary activities. The choice between crews is quite difficult. We hope that today we have proved the attractiveness of OG.

After analyzing the history, the key features of the players, and the traditional tactics of the game, we can safely say that the bets will stand profitable and victorious. The time has come to act. The main thing is to make the right choice in favor of a reputable bookmaker who will accompany you along the entire path of activity.

A thorough analysis will do everything for the gambler. Triumph is just around the corner, and the win is waiting for its owner.