Dota 2 DreamLeague 2023: How to betting and win in cybersport

Games like DOTA 2 is at the height of their popularity. Tournaments and championships began to appear in Dota 2 DreamLeague 2023, which allows you to make bets and raise up to $ 1 000 000 for the winning game.

Cybersport has become a lucrative business, not only for the players who play in the eSport bands but also for streamers, bloggers, and journalists, that constantly write about the news of cybersports competitions.

Also, eSports can earn gamblers, bookmakers, and other people. Now many bookmakers offer to stake on eSports, with high odds, so you can follow your favorite squads in DOTA 2 and earn good money by betting.

What is Dota 2 DreamLeague

The popular computer game was released in 2013. And since that time, it has gained recognition on almost every plat m that gamers use today. The game got a lot of fans, mainly because it’s a squad cybersport, where the competition takes place under the guise of raids on strong monsters.

Thus, players can communicate with each other, create teams, win and receive bonuses to pump their character.

Dota 2 DreamLeague – is one of the most prestigious DOTA 2 tournaments. The prize fund in the division is $ 1,000,000, and it can get any squad that has passed several stages of the competition between them. The eight strongest squads qualify for the final round and then battle it out to advance to the Grand Final.

Usually, the Grand Finals and Finals teams play in specific locations, where squads are invited and paid to their lodging, food, and flights. Special platforms are set aside to the top players so that they can play in full view of everyone. In this way, many of them gain new fans and worldwide recognition, as more than 4 million spectators follow the tournament each year.

Anyway, this is not the most popular tournament in this game. Many gamblers like to stake on International because it is more prestigious. But it’s important to remember that most squads in the World League have made it past DreamLeague. Therefore, if they perform well here, it makes sense to keep an eye on them in the other contests that come after.

History of the DreamLeague

The first tournament was held in 2013. Back then, there was no big staking on it, so the prize pool was small – only $50,000 could be earned by players simply playing this game. But even at that time, it was a lot of money for a cybersport competition.

In 2013, the band won from Ukraine – NAVI, by the way, they have continued to take prizes in other competitions. These tournaments brought NAVI world fame until the players began to play other games: Contra Strike, an example. NAVI fought with the Malaysian band Fnatic and the Swedish Alliance.

These names still often appear in staking shops.

The first tournament of this league is not considered to be the first season, so the countdown began with the tournament in 2014 when everything became more large-scale, there were famous sponsors and star guests. Then the prize pool was already $254,000.

Between the fifth and sixth seasons, DreamLeague got a new logo, and after the ninth season, new sponsors opened up, which allowed it to reach a new level of earnings. In season 13 alone, the jackpot to winning the grand finals became the maximum, reaching $1,000,000. Prior to that, the prize money was no more than $300,000.

How many squads are involved and what is the division

The tournament is held in several stages. There is a certain list of requirements that must be fulfilled to get to Division I and Division II. Passing these stages is mandatory for squads to get to the DreamLeague Grand Final.

A total of 8 squads can pass, which will compete against each other. Newcomers should remember that strong players are still around and you will have to fight against world champions. But don’t let this upset you, because everyone has started once, and there is a good chance to get to the finals if you calculate your strengths.

By the way, you should apply to participate now. Be sure to make sure that your squad is officially represented in the VALVE, otherwise, it just won’t get accepted. And of course, take care of the logo, the band name, and the leveling of each character’s skills. The weak have no place in the tournament.


DreamLeague S17 (2022) results

Last season was quite interesting, the staking on DreamLeague was big because everyone was following the cybersports proscience, because of the restrictions in COVID-19, which did not allow to hold soccer championships and other matches. So in 2022, the S17 season was one of the most intense.

Of course, for now, DreamLeague is hard to compete with tournaments like International. But things are looking up for you to stake on there as well.

The final battle was between Division I (six squads) and Division II (two squads). The Grand Prix was snapped up by OG, with Gaimin Gladiators, and Team Liquid in Division I also coming out victorious. The second division was won by goonsquads and Alliance.

If bookmakers are to be believed, gamblers could earn more than $3 million by betting on their favorite communities in 2022, thanks to competition.

Division I S17

Place  Team Prize fund DPC
1 OG $30 000  400
2 Gaimin Gladiators $28 000 240
3 Team Liquid $27 000 160

Division II S17

Place Team Prize fund DPC
1 goonsquad $17 000
2 Alliance $16 000


Schedule DreamLeague 2023

While season 18 is still going on, it’s hard to make any predictions 2023. After all, the unstable situation in the countries affects even cyber sports, fending off some players in some way.

Statistically, we see more players from Ukraine in 2022 because some bands from Russia retrained and were barred from the tournament. If this trend continues, we may see completely different standings in the new year.

We expect S19 to start in the summer for both divisions, but there are no dates for the events yet. That’s because the S18 finals have just finished. The organizers need time to adjust the prowess and take into account the changes in the bands and exclude some other bands.

It’s likely that this year’s prize pool will be as massive as last year’s. The players deserve it, as well as recognition from the public. S19 (2023) will start next summer, so don’t miss out on important events and keep an eye on the league’s website.

Top 10 teams to bet on in DOTA 2

Before you stake in league, you need to research which bands are still worth supporting. If you are new to betting and don’t want to miss out on your money, be sure to review old matches on Twitch and pick your favorite winner.

Most people just pick the team they like. And if you intend to win, you need to follow the leaders. Hotta here is also difficult to guess, because in cybersport any wrong maneuver from the player’s side, or an awkward mouse, a spoiled microphone, a display with the wrong resolution and you can already say goodbye to winning.

Learn it when you wager on eSports. Even the top bands can sometimes give up on younger players because of a bad connection or a bug in the game:

  1. OG;
  2. Gaimin Gladiators;
  3. Team Liquid;
  4. Team Secret;
  5. Tundra Esports;
  6. VGJ.Thunder;
  7. PSG.LGD;
  8. Team Spirit;
  9. Team Aster;
  10. Royal Never Give Up!

These teams – are the first to look at when betting on cybersport. They play in both the first and second divisions. If you want to make a lot of money at the bookmaker, make sure you wager on these guys.

Most of them have been playing for several years in a row. Some have been around since the founding of the league. These guys are guys like: OG – they are the leaders of big tournaments and almost constantly take the prize places. Take a closer look at them, as well as Team Liquid, when you make your first bets.

How to bet on DreamLeague: tips and tricks

A few tricks for newcomers who are just starting their first cyber sports betting and want to reach great heights in business. If you want to hit the jackpot at the bookmaker, be sure to use these tricks which we have collected below:

  • Play DOTA 2. Bettors who play Dota 2 themselves, it is easier to understand the strategy and choose the right outcome of the match;
  • Don’t be afraid to stake on new bands, they are often fresher in strategy and think differently than players who have been playing over 5 years on the same team;
  • Watch updates. If a good player leaves a band, it’s probably a sign – you need to keep an eye on the band who poached him;
  • Bid step by step. Do not spend all the money in the first round; Start staking with $10 and, if you are lucky, increase;
  • Develop your strategy so you can use it and win;
  • Consider the location of the tournament, this is important. Players who are playing in the arena for the first time can get distracted and fretful, it’s the human element which gets in the way of focus;
  • Choose your band what you like, and you will follow. Or a player you like;
  • Choose a reliable bookmaker to wager on cybersports!

In most cases – staking is more analytics than luck. Remember it and don’t start betting just to make a wager.

Is it profitable to bet on eSports and Dota 2

In conclusion, let us raise the question of whether staking on eSports is profitable at all. From an analytical point of view, every wager is a risk. But betting on soccer, basketball, golf, and cricket is pretty predictable. But with Cybersport and Dota 2 in particular, you have a chance to get a head start on a new topic that is only gaining popularity.

As mentioned above, bookmakers such as Unibet, 888sport, Betway are already offering great deals before tournaments. Now, everyone is more focused on International 2022 because it is the biggest event. But it’s could change at any moment, as competition DOTA 2 has already reached $100,000 in prize money.

If the league continues to grow, there is a chance to earn even more from betting. Make sure you try to stake on eSports. It’s a lucrative business where the odds and offers from bookmakers are only growing, lately.

Don’t miss the chance to really become a champion in a new kind of staking, which is constantly gaining momentum and attracting more and more gamblers to bookmaker’s offices. Before the new season starts, you have time to study all the contests and bands from previous years to develop your betting strategy for competition DOTA 2 in the new season 2023.

We wish you good luck with new stakes on your favorite eSports events this year and next year! We hope our tips and information will help you choose the strongest players and make a lot of money.