AniMajor Dota 2

The sports betting industry is very diverse. The cyber industry was presented at the same level as regular sports. Cybersport is considered from two angles. As a serious activity where the main things are practice, strategic thinking, planning, and predicting the course of the game.

Another view predicts this field as a non-classical sport where physical training as such is absent. More like an intellectual sport. The recognition of eSports as an official discipline takes place in different ways depending on the country. China and Russia, for example, have even declared eSports as an official profession.

The demand for such an industry has created a supply for the increase and changes of it. The latest innovation in the world of betting was the introduction of the famous game Dota 2. More precisely, the addition of competitions from this game as a permanent option for earning. Among the WePlay tournament categories, AniMajor is one of the most requested.

The eSport as the future of sports

The popularity of online games has led to the fact that such type of activity has become a sport. eSports covers MOBA, FPS, fighting, card, battle royale, and RTS games. Video games are turning into franchises. There are more and more different competitions between players and teams. There are huge international tournaments with prize pools and awards.

Accessibility and coverage in the media bring great popularity. Such success of computer games brings a huge number of fans. Accordingly, the audience that you can get during tournaments is very valuable. Since the sphere is relatively new, it is developing and improving. The demand for new Games and events is fueling the expansion of the industry.

Sports betting keeps up with the times. With the advent of such a category as esports, bookmakers began to develop their business in this direction as well. The internet availability of these championships makes them the best betting category. Bookmakers make bets on many games available.

The most popular games are :

  • Dota;
  • Counter-Strike;
  • FIFA;
  • Starcraft!

This sphere attracts by the fact that almost every inhabitant of the planet has a favourite computer game. Playing yourself you delve into the nuances but do not earn money on it. And watching the same game but from the side and making bets, the better gets both pleasure and profit.

What is AniMajor Dota 2?

Like any sport, eSports has different types of competitions and tournaments. Grandiose seasons are usually held, which are divided into specific events.
At the beginning of June 2021, within the framework of the Dota Pro Circuit season, a flash called WePlay AniMajor took place. Kyiv was chosen as the place of deployment, where a similar championship was held for the first time a few years ago.

Then the meeting of the participants took place in the National Palace of Arts “Ukraine”. And for the new championship, Esports Arena Kyiv was chosen. Due to quarantine restrictions namely the pandemic, the championship was held in a closed format. Fans had the opportunity to watch the tournament in online form.

The whole process is supported by the company from America — Valve, under the organization and management of WePlay Esports. The second eSports competition of this level was held in several stages.


Competition format

The start of WePlay AniMajor was marked by the Wild Card Stage competition over two days. During this period, the two best groups of participants were chosen among the six available by competing against each other. Accordingly, the four groups below in the list do not advance to the next stage.

The group stage lasts four days, covering the confrontation of eight squads. The group of players who took the two highest places in the standings is in the Upper Bracket of the Playoffs. The groups in the middle places fall into the category of the Lower Bracket. Two teams from the end stop participating in the event.

The play-off is played by the best of the previous competitions, and the grand final is played by five winning teams.

Features of the event

WePlay AniMajor was held among 18 groups from different parts of the world. This competition is a good way to earn additional qualification points. Taking the leading positions in the championship groups of participants are awarded DPC points.

The number of points automatically provides an invitation to The International, where there is an opportunity to receive a prize worth more than 40 million.

WePlay Esports organizes events with a combination of certain themes. AniMajor diversified anime. At the opening ceremony of the final competitions, a video was shown in the appropriate style and with references to famous works of the same genre.

Acquaintance with the squads took place as openings for well-known animation works. And the appearance of the players was accompanied by soundtracks from the same cartoons. The idea of ​​the crossover was that due to the violation of the space-time continuum, a portal to the world of anime appeared.

The venue of the eSports event was decorated with statues of the guardians of the valley. The English-language studio was made in ramen style.

The animajor tournament encouraged the viewers of the tournament with a lot of giveaways. There was even a chance to win a ticket to The International.

In the group competition, Team Nigma defeated the Chinese team in 40 minutes, making this match the shortest. The round between PSG.LGD and Vici Gaming lasted over 65 minutes. The average duration of the event between the squads is 37 minutes.

Weplay Esports was awarded the Davos Communications Awards 2022 for this project. WePlay AniMajor won in the In-house Team of the Year section.

Prize of the AniMajor

Each competition has a major financial prize or award. In this championship, gamers compete for $500,000.

Place $ USD DPC Points
1st 200,000 500
2nd 100,000 450
3rd 75,000 400
4th 50,000 350

Schedule of the event in 2021

WePlay AniMajor 2021 held dates from June 2 to 13. The grand event is divided into three stages. And every part needs a certain amount of time.

Stages Peculiarities When
Wild Card Six groups in a single round robin

All matches are best-of-2

June 2nd June 3rd  
Group stage Eight groups in a single round robin

All matches are best-of-2

Top two groups advance to play-off upper bracket

Groups in third to sixth place advance to the lower play-off bracket

June 4th June 7th
Playoffs Double-elimination mesh

All matches except the grand final – best-of-3

Grand Final – best-of-5

June 9th June 13th


Best teams of the season 

18 of the strongest groups from 6 parts of the world competed in the tournament. 90 athletes from 28 countries are participating in the tournament.

The teams include 18 Chinese eSportsmen, 13 Filipinos, and 11 Russians, the rest of the countries are represented by only one player.

Distribution of commands:

Western Europe




Alliance made it to the Playoffs
Team Liquid eliminated in the GS
Team Nigma played at Wild Card
Team Secret played at Wild Card
Eastern Europe


AS Monaco Gambit played at Wild Card made it to the Playoffs
Team Spirit eliminated in the GS
North America


Quincy Crew made it to the Playoffs
Evil Geniuses eliminated in the GS
South America


Beastcoast eliminated in the GS
NoPing Esports made it to the Playoffs




Invictus Gaming played at Wild Card
PSG.LGD eliminated in the GS
Vici Gaming played at Wild Card
Team Aster made it to the Playoffs
Southeast Asia



TNC Predator eliminated in the GS
T1 made it to the Playoffs
Execration played at Wild Card


PSG.LGD and Evil Geniuses fought in the rand final. The Chinese team won by earning three points and leaving the opponent with zero. The first round was on the side of PSG.LGD, in the second round the opposing team tried to rehabilitate themselves but failed. The third round was quite predictable and the victory went to PSG.LGD.

Why is it profitable to bet on the WePlay AniMajor?

Cybersport is very diverse. One of the most popular categories is Dota. Since the game covers a huge number of players and countries, a couple of tournaments will not cover such several applicants. The industry has lined up a system of tournaments among which WePlay AniMajor occupies a respectable place.

WePlay Esports is interested in popularizing the above-mentioned event, so we did our best to ensure its quality.

Bookmakers, being aware of the excitement of such competitions, make the most simple and varied offers for customers. It can be a high-quality broadcast, the ability to place bets in the process, different bonuses, high odds, and most importantly, a variety of bets.

Predictability play in the favour. Participants are in the same conditions. There is no unpredictability in the form of weather conditions or breakdown of the athlete’s equipment. Teams participating in a certain composition are not common such things as a replacement.

The most popular types of bets

Dota 2 is different from other games. There is no analogue for similar characters, game models, and weapons. Therefore, these common competitions have unique types of bets.
A constant bet in all sports on the outcome. How many points will each team get?

Dota 2 is played in Best of 2 and Best of 3 formats. The first tournament means that the victory can be won with a score of 1:1. The second mentioned event may have such ratios as 2:0 or 2:1.

  • Total cards is a feature of Dota 2. Here they set how many cards will be played;
  • Total kills. How many kills the team will make on the map? Average 30-50 heroes;
  • Total minutes. The duration of the tournament, depending on the style of the team, can be 30-50 minutes;
  • Long-term betting covers the selection of the winning squad before the start of the event;
  • First Blood is placed on the command that the first attack and kill the enemy hero;
  • Roshan’s first kill. A Dota 2 character whose kills gives the team a certain advantage over the opponent!

Tips for a winning outcome

Bet only on complete groups. Before tournaments, the squads constantly train together. Since this is a team sport, victory depends on the coherence of the players’ actions. The squad composition is formed long before the tournament. Make sure that there were no substitutions or conflicts in the squad of participants.

Experience plays a big role. Beginners can be talented. But skill and the ability to get out of difficult situations are of greater importance here. Therefore, in most major events, teams with extensive experience take part.

Pay attention to the results of the squad. When a squad wins against opponents of equal form, it is worth doing a deep analysis. The statistics of fights between teams will help here. Recent lineup changes. General statistics of the success of the participation in competitions.

It is best to use a specific strategy. When a bettor does not have much experience in betting on a similar category, you can use flat. This means using a specific amount for each event. As a beginner, it is worth making small contributions 5 or 10% of the bank.

This strategy guarantees stability and minimal losses. Bets on total cards provide for a preliminary calculation of head-to-head statistics, general trends, and regional specifics.

It is also worth looking at how and what the squad achieved before the start of the tournaments. It is useful to listen to commentators, they notice patterns in the actions of teams and features of the meta.

In general about the main tournament

The legendary WePlay AniMajor demonstrates that even under unpredictable conditions, such as covid, competitions are held at the highest level. The game process and bets on players are even more active and better covered.