Galaxy gamers Dota 2 all about successful online betting 2023

The Galaxy Gamers Dota 2 tournament has rapidly gained popularity among gamblers. In article, we will talk about this competition.

It will not only bring profit but also bring a lot of pleasure to video game lovers without ads and interruptions. Broadcasting such a tournament allows you to be transported into the world of an exciting game and feel like a full-fledged gamer, and not just a spectator.

Dota 2 is on the list of cyber competition video games and is considered number 1 among competitors. The galaxy Gamer’s tournament has received a wide range of different types of online bets. Thus, the number of participants is growing, therefore the amount of prize pools is increasing, as well as the variety of new possible online bets.

To date, the record amount of the prize pool is $40,000,000. This amount is not comparable even with the most famous real sports. Therefore, the odds and amounts in online betting on virtual sports are spinning wildly, you will learn about this later.

Making a success rate is not difficult in this kind of competition. After all, there are always favorites who win on an ongoing basis. Therefore, when analyzing matches in virtual sports, it is very easy to get a win with the right approach.

What is Galaxy Gamers Dota 2?

Virtual sports tournament started the last year 2021 and immediately became famous among their competitors. Its feature is the attitude to its participants as VIP persons, up to sending out private invitations to participate. The founder is the Galaxy Racer organization, which is located in the United States.

The company has its own virtual sports squads in such disciplines as Dota 2, CounterStrike, Fort Knight, PUBG, and others. The founder of the company is the eSportsman Paul Roy.
As in real matches, virtual ones also have qualifying rounds, their own formats, and rules. Dota 2 is no exception. Let’s see how it all happens.

First of all, a list of participants is compiled, after which the participants are divided into 2 groups that play each other in pairs. All matches are played in a best-of-one format. The next step is when the winners from the top two crews in each group advance to the playoff bracket. crews that take 3rd and 4th place go to the play-in, and those who lose leave the competition.

Let’s take a closer look at what a play-in is. This is a list of crews that did not make it to the playoffs but are adapting to go to the bottom of the playoffs. All play-in matches are played in a best-of-three format.

The playoffs are a list of squads after two defeats. All matches, except for the Grand Final, are played in a best-of-three format. Only 5 teams get to the grand final and, logically, it takes place in the “best of 5” format.

Dota 2 was originally created for competition between gamers. The match involves 2 teams of 5 people who play for good and evil. Each crew member chooses a hero who will bring victory.
Let’s look at the rules of the game:

  • the goal of the game. The bottom line is to take into account the main building of the enemy. Whoever destroys the enemy building automatically becomes the winner regardless of the points scored;
  • win by points. Points are awarded to crews for destroying the enemy, no rewards are given for neutral characters;
  • a match consists of 1, 3, or 5 games depending on the format of the competition!

The winner of the tournament is either the squad with the most points or by destroying the base. The first option is considered the most common because destroying the citadel is not so easy even for experienced cyber sportsmen.

Galaxy gamers dota 2: Invitational series Dubai 2022

The latest Galaxy Gamers Dota 2 tournament was held in Dubai from 2 to 6 March. Its holding was closed without spectators, but with a stream, where fans could watch the broadcast of the competition in real time.

10 crews from a few regions took part in the competition: countries of Europe and Asia, North America, and CIS countries. Participation in a large-scale and well-known competition was taken by such world favorite teams:

  1. Tim spirit;
  2. Nygma Galaxy;
  3. OG;
  4. Team Secret;
  5. Boom Esports!

The prize money of the competition was $270,000. All participants became owners of prizes according to their places. The winner of the tournament was the Boom Esports crew, and the second place was taken by the Tundra Esports squad.

The confrontation between the last two opponents went toe to toe. In the finals, the strongest squads met, which defeated their opponents in a dry, without even giving a chance to win. Still, Boom Esports performed better in the game.

The third place in the tournament was taken by the Nygma G, which lost to Boom crew, losing one point. And in the duel with Tundra Esport, Nigma G lost with a margin of 2 points, not allowing to be rehabilitated in the battle.

Lower bracket round 1

BOOM Esports 2 — 0 Team Secret

Upper bracket final

Nigma Galaxy 0 — 2 Tundra Esports

Lower bracket round 2

Team Spirit 0 — 2 BOOM 

March 6

Lower bracket final

Nigma Galaxy 1 — 2 BOOM Esports

Grand final

Tundra  2 — 3 BOOM Esports


Schedule for next 2023 season

Each Galaxy Dota 2 event is a spontaneous event. A certain schedule of tournaments is not drawn up so as not to mislead fans who follow every game of their favorite squad. Let’s take as an example the competition that was held in August 2022 in Thailand.

Sponsors of the tournament were quickly found here, who took responsibility for its holding. His schedule was quickly announced and passed in two stages because there were few squads of participants. The Boom Esports crew also became the winner.

Group Tour Date Time Check
Play in 1\2 finals one 03/03/2022  16:05 Team Spirit – Nigma G 2:0
Play in 1\2 finals one 03/03/2022  18:15 Team Secret – TSM 2:1
Round 1(upper bracket) one 04/03/2022  13:00 Nigma G – OG 2:0
Round 1(upper bracket) one 04/03/2022  16:00 Boom Esports – Tundra Esports 1:2
Round 1(lower bracket) one 04\03\2022 19:30 OG- Team Spirit 1:2
Round 1(lower bracket) one 05/03/2022  13:00 Boom  – Team Secret 2:0
Final (upper bracket) one 05/03/2022  16:00 Nigma G – Tundra Esports 0:2
Round 2(lower bracket) one 05/03/2022  18:55 Boom Team Spirit – Boom Esports 0:2
Final (lower bracket) one 06/03/2022  14:00 Nigma G – Boom Esports 1:2
Grand final one 06/03/2022  18:15 Tundra EsportsBOOM Esports 2 : 3


Top teams this season

The current season of gamers Dota 2 was rich in tough confrontations between the world’s strongest squads in a series of games. The squads went toe to toe in fights for victory, and competed without respite, sparing no effort.

The desire to win was stronger than any need. No less well-known crews took part: Team Secret, OG, and Team Spirit.

In order to a gambler to start successful bets in a tournament, he needs to at least analyze the latest games and competitions in which the favorite squads play. After all, this factor directly affects the result of an online rate.

In order to the prediction to be successful and better to take his winnings, it is necessary to analytically determine the leaders of the competition. Let’s take the above commands as an example.

Tim Spirit. A Serbian squad with promising players on the roster, which is included in the world ranking at number 2. In percentage terms, the chances of winning are 66% out of 100%. The squad earned $18,500,000 last year. Players have strong potential in competition.

Tim Secret. Quite a strong squad, which leads the world ranking at number 7. The composition is multinational. Among the achievements in 2020, they received the award as a cyber squad of the year. In 2022, they became record holders in the majors won.

OG. European crew outdid everyone and took the honorable 1st place on the world leaderboard. In order to all its existence, it has won only 5 defeats, which were not prized money. In the regional ranking of Europe, it is at number 3.

From the above, we can say that the crew is very promising and will distinguish the players with a well-coordinated robot. But all the same, they lack a strong leader who will keep the squad in good shape.

In the Galaxy Gamers tournament, the crew’s defeat came as a big surprise to everyone. After all, with such success, this is a potential winner of the competition.

Given the information in the article, pay attention to the last few competitions and the results of the leading squads when betting on Dota 2 online. But do not forget that virtual sports can be as unpredictable as real sports.

Why bet online on Galaxy Gamers Dota 2?

One of the reasons is that it is designed for the participation of elite crews. It is very easy to make an analysis and collect information about the leading squads due to the mass availability.

Their popularity allows you to find information about each player from the crews, which will help the gambler to make a successful online bet in the discipline. It is impossible to predict the exact 100% victory since after all this is a sport. But if you make a deliberate online rate at the beginning of the tournament, you will get high odds, which will serve as an excellent jackpot.

It is also possible to place bets on the competition based on the views of streams and live broadcasts of matches, where you can analyze the strategies and style of the leading squads with your own eyes. By the way, the feature is often used by experienced betters. However, the choice is always yours!

Let’s look at the most popular tournament bets.

The most popular bet is the outcome bet. A bet is famous of high odds. But if you see a huge odds to the victory of your crew and are confident in it, do not rush to rejoice. Because squads can play to a draw. In this case, the online bet will not go in – a loss.

Total cards. The format consists of 3 games with different cards that give the score in the game itself.

Total kills. The bet is the number of killed enemy heroes.

Total minutes. Also, a popular online bet is calculated on the time the fight will last. Be aware that there are squads that like to end games quickly. Do a preliminary analysis to get a positive result.

Why are odds important in online betting?

Before placing your bet, always pay attention to the odds offered by the bookmaker. They are considered the key to success in the prediction. Bookmakers like to overestimate or, on the contrary, underestimate the odds for popular types of bets, thus trying to cheat in their favor.

If you see overestimated odds, it is better to refrain from betting to save your funds. Because often the rates merge in this way. The most reliable and frequent odds are considered to be 1.7-1.9.

Why choose Galaxy gamers?

A tournament is gaining popularity and attracting an increasing number of fans. Because virtual sports is becoming an actual discipline in this kind of direction. Huge money is spinning in such an area, and the more money is invested, the greater the winnings of betters.

The competition became famous for the participation of the world’s top crews that occupy first place in the world rankings in Dota 2. If you want to make a successful prediction, first analyze the information about the leading squads and their players. This will help you avoid many losses. In conclusion, do not forget that there are no victories without defeats.