Team Spirit Dota 2 Squad Review

Predictions on Dota 2 have long been bringing fabulous profits to many fans of eSports betting online. By choosing the right squad to make predictions, many enthusiasts have secured a prosperous future.

Many people still look at esports with apprehension and doubt the profitability and safety of online events predictions, but the many years of experience of many experienced players testify to the contrary.

Today we will get acquainted with one of the most successful groups, which has become the largest prize pool record holder and overall crew performance. We learn everything about the players, their training schedule, and other little secrets that help them to score high points in practically every match they play.

In addition to getting to know the group, we are waiting for an overview of the best bookmakers that provide transparent and convenient betting on Team Spirit conditions. In this way, we will save you time and effort, thanks to which you can start making money on online eSports betting today!

So here we go!

About Team Spirit

Team Spirit was founded in 2015 in Russia and immediately began to actively develop in several esports disciplines, one of which was participation in the Dota 2 championship.

The initial composition of the squad was represented by five players who became widely known among the fans of the game, the Ukrainian Artem Kostenko, who played under the nickname Goblak, gained the most popularity.

The squad has taken part in the most prestigious tournaments, including Starladder and The International.

The main opponents of the players with whom they had to constantly fight for leadership are:

  1. VGJ Thunder;
  2. OG;
  3. PSG.LGD;
  4. Team Aster;
  5. Royal Never Give Up;
  6. Team Secret;
  7. NaVi!

It was with these groups that the fiercest struggle arose, which was watched with admiration by millions of fans around the world.

The first competitive seasons brought the aroup fame and made it possible to strengthen the roster with new players and continue to develop.

The training schedule of the athletes was almost military. Only in addition to the drill on the parade ground, the cyber sportsmen had constant training, which required the highest concentration and involvement.

Often, the squad had to live in a boot camp in order to be able to constantly improve their skills in the game. Thanks to this schedule, you can see the steady growth of the squad’s performance, which in five years made an unknown organization the most popular esports crew in the world.

The squad is currently headquartered in Belgrade. This is due to the fact that the crew does not want to be associated with Russia anymore because of its criminal aggression in Ukraine.
The most successful period so far is the 2021/2022 season, which allowed betting fans to get big money thanks to the this squad predictions.

Performance 2021-2022

Thanks to intensive targeted training under the guidance of Airat Gaziev, who became both the coach and mentor of the group in 2020, the squad got to the TI10 championship, which took place in October 2021.

The TS roster lost their first matches miserably. The first two matches ended in defeat and everything seemed to be over.

However, thanks to the total number of points, the crew managed to take fourth place in the group and get into the upper bracket. After losing 2:1 to Invictus Gaming, TS went down to the lower bracket, and the squad began to win one victory after another, beating the reigning champions OG, Fnatic, and their longtime rivals Team Secret by a margin of two wins out of two.

Such a performance led the players to participate in the final, which took place on October 17 in Bucharest. They had to face the PSG.LGD from China, suffering only one defeat in the entire time of the qualifiers. There was a serious test for the squad and their coach.

The first two maps were easily won by Team Spirit, but the Chinese won back the advantage and the score was 2:2, which meant a decisive game. The tension was at its limit. Only at the third time in the history of the tournament has there been a case when the final has played as many as five matches in a row.

Thanks to the joint efforts and well-coordinated work of the group, the players managed to beat PSG.LGD and take first place and take the record amount of $18,203,300 in prize money. This prize pool is currently the largest in the history of esports.

Here are the standings of five prize-winning places in the championship.

Place Team Prize
1 Team Spirit 18 208 300 $
2 PSG.LGD 5 202 400 $
3 Team Secret 3 601 600 $
4 Invictus Gaming 2 401 100 $
5 Virtus Pro 1 400 600 $


The TS streak of victories did not end there. 2022 continued to be a profitable year for those enthusiasts who bet on Team Spirit in the 2022 season. August was marked by the fact that the squad made it to the finals of PGL Arlington Major 2022, where they again met with PSG.LGD.

Players from China were determined to win revenge, but again suffered a crushing defeat.

Thus, at the moment, Team Spirit holds the title of the absolute world champion in Dota 2, which makes them the most attractive online betting roster.

Current TS Roaster 2022-2023

Many esports analysts agree that the current Team Spirit roster is the strongest at the global level. Thus, there is no more favorable online betting than this and next year period.
In order to make a successful prediction, you need to know the main features of the composition and its state.

Many bookmakers offer to make predictions not only for the victory of the whole crew but also for the performance of individual players. Let’s find out which players currently represent TS.

2022/2023 season roster:

Nickname  Name  Role
Miposhka (Captain) Yaroslav Naydenov Full Support
Yatoro Ilya Mulyarchuk Carry
TORONTOTOKYO Alexander Hertek Mid lane
Collapse Magomed Halilov Off lane
Mira Miroslav Kolpakov Semi-support
Silent  Airat Gaziev Coach


As you can tell, the captain, as usual, takes the position of the support. Many experts argue that this is the most difficult and responsible role in the entire game. A player who plays the role of Full Support must constantly monitor the state of the squad, and the location of enemy heroes, place wards on the map, and save his teammates from the attacks of the enemies.

This requires a lot of experience, analytical skills, and leadership. This is why it is often the captain who plays the heroes who play the role of full support. If you come across an opportunity to bet on the most assists in a fight and the most wards placed, then betting on Miposhka will be the right decision.

Ilya Mulyarchuk shows himself excellently in the role of Carry. His main task is to get ahead of his rivals in farm indicators, buy as many items as possible and inflict devastating damage in the final match. If you are prompted to bet on the most gold earned or damage dealt, then your bet on Yatoro will most likely be successful.

Alexander Hertek has proven himself to be a great center player. Thanks to well-timed gangs on the side lanes, the group gets huge support and gains an advantage, which is necessary in pushing the lanes. If the bookmaker offers to bet on the player with the most kills and the fastest gain in experience, then make a prediction on TORONTOTOKYO.

Magomed Halilov is known for his ability to play the Off Lane role, which requires him to avoid falling into enemy traps and absorb large amounts of damage. Also, thanks to mobility and stealth, he manages to quickly move around the map and deliver unexpected blows to the positions of opponents.

If you want to wager on the character who has withstood the most damage and made the most attacks, then feel free to bet on the player under the nickname Collapse.

Miroslav Kolpakov feels confident in the role of Semi-support, where he has to be a real all-rounder. His duties include both support in the hard lane and providing powerful magic damage to opponents. If you are going to wager on the highest scoring Nuker, then your Mira bet will most likely be profitable.

Airat Gaziev is known to the world of Dota 2 as an experienced strategist who knows how to properly coordinate the actions of the squad and make the right decisions quickly. It was under his leadership that the crew managed to achieve its best results. If you bet on the best coach, then make sure that this prediction is made on Silent.

2022/2023 Season Schedule

A real sensation in the world of eSports was the news that Team Spirit will take part in Future Games 2023 as an ambassador. This testifies to the high recognition of the squad at the international level.

Future Games 2023 is the largest international competition in the world of esports, comparable to the Olympic Games. The scale of the competition is truly grandiose. The format of participation has not yet been announced, but many analysts expect TS to play a couple of friendlies in the competition and expect a huge number of bets with high odds.

In addition, stay tuned to the bookmakers, because due to the high status of TS players, they invite you to a huge number of events that you can place successful bets on online right now!
The biggest final games of the tournaments will take place:

  • Major Tournament: February 24 – March 5, 2023;
  • Major Tournament: April 28 – May 7, 2023;
  • Major Tournament: June 30 – July 9th, 2023!

Don’t miss your chance and stay tuned!

Team Spirit Analysis

The group at the moment is literally a train that rushes at full speed, sweeping away everything in its path. The squad is very strong, but there are always weaknesses. Let’s objectively analyze the indicators in order to make correct next season predictions.

Analysts identify the following strengths of the roster, which are worth paying attention to.


  • strong support;
  • excellent teamwork;
  • excellent coach;
  • high morality;
  • profitable odds!

Agree, not every squad can boast of such a list of strengths.


  • weak attack;
  • inability to withstand a siege;
  • it is impossible to hold the lead for a long time!

As we can see, it’s hard to consistently keep the bar high.

Be that as it may, at the moment it is one of the best eSports betting in 2023 options.

How to Bet on Team Spirit

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Root for The best!

As you can see, Team Secret is at the peak of its form, which allows them to make profitable predictions and earn money.

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