Responsible gambling

At, we strive for responsible gambling. We ask all users of our website to check their local laws before participating in any gambling activities and caution against irresponsible gambling.

Gambling is a form of entertainment and should not be considered as a means to make money.

In some countries and states, gambling is either restricted or illegal, in these places it is extremely important to comply with these laws.

What to do if you have problems with gambling?

Gambling is meant for entertainment, used to pass the time and get rid of boredom for a small fee. Once this turns into something more serious, you may have to admit to yourself that you have a problem with gambling.

There are many telltale signs that may indicate that your gambling problem may become serious. The following list contains some of the bad habits you should watch out for:

  • losing important money like rent;
  • thinking about gambling all day;
  • lying to others about your gambling habit;
  • borrowing money from others just to gamble;
  • betting with stakes that you know are too high for your bankroll;
  • betting to avoid your problems while ignoring your responsibilities;
  • bet more to pay off gambling debts;
  • quit your job or favourite hobby to gamble;
  • physically unable to take breaks from gambling;
  • spend less time with your family to gamble more.

If one or more items from the above list are relevant to you, there is a possibility that you have problems with gambling. These signs do not exist in ordinary people who just see betting as a fun way to kill some of their free time.

Once you have established that you have a gambling problem, one of the best ways to fix it is to understand where the problem starts.

The licenced betting site to use

Never bet with an illegal operator. When betting, always look at the operator’s licence first. You can see the full list of gambling regulators and their rankings here.

You should try to find an operator with a five-star licence. This ensures that when you bet with them, they meet the strictest and most up-to-date regulatory requirements, including the legality, responsible gambling and product certification.

Bookmakers must list their licences on the website. Always check the operator’s licence before playing.