GESC and esports betting popularity in 2023

In 2021-2022, esports became one of the most talked about phenomena in the world. Young people, thanks to a new hobby, find new friends and earning opportunities, although they sometimes face a misunderstanding from others.

Esports refers to competition between people in video games. Participants are trying to prove to each other and the audience that in the virtual world, they make decisions faster, come up with and implement the best strategies, and are less prone to emotions.

Also, esports is very flexible. To win, you need to “press buttons” differently: in shooters, reaction speed comes to the fore, and in card games, the overall game strategy is more critical. Other disciplines require you to combine these talents, interact with participants, be able to read the enemy and keep your cool until the decisive moment.

Esports became especially popular during the COVID-19 pandemic: while all sports competitions are canceled or held with significant restrictions, gamers continue to play online — they play matches over the Internet without leaving home.

The availability of esports has always been a big plus – to train. Players must not come to the stadium daily or gather at the base. Everything already exists in the virtual world, accessible from the apartment of each participant.

Future of esports

In 2021, competitive gaming successfully established itself as one of the most popular and developed sports. Unfortunately, football or franchise leagues of the NHL level are not yet reachable to steal their popularity. Still, the esports field is already more promising than cycling, ski racing, or handball – the same applies to prize money, audience attention, and other moments.

Esports does not require significant financial investments, connections, etc. This is a very fair competition – the one who does the best job wins, and the computer system acts as the arbiter. Simple guys achieve success, with whom you can easily communicate in a rating match or on a stream. In theory, everyone has the opportunity to become a world champion next year.

In different Asian countries, like India, Malaysia, and Thailand, the online esports industry (especially Dota 2 branch) has seen tremendous growth in recent years, both in terms of viewership and revenue.

Indians are big fans of esports as to participation and gambling. The increase in the number of viewers has contributed to the growth of crypto income, not only because they generate money by playing, buying merch, or tickets to watch championships. The betting industry has also gained increased attention from a broad and engaged audience.

Everything about the GESC tournament

GESC Tournament was held in the spring of 2018 in Indonesia. In the minor stage, four squads from each region, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and others, were placed in the double-elimination bracket.


All GESC matches were held in the best-of-3 format. The final includes best-of-5. The best team from each region received a quota for the tournament’s main stage.

The GESC competition was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, and organized by Valve company – a well-known organization in this industry.


The GESC squads had a battle for a considerable sum – 300,000 USD!

GESC is included in the list of the official Pro Circuit site and their own organization’s site, incorporating four championships in the Southeast Asian region during the 2017-18 Dota Pro Circuit season.

The leaders of the Indonesia stage are Evil Geniuses.

The leaders of the Thailand stage are VGJ Storm.

GESC Schedule 2018

The events of the GESC competition included minor events and qualifiers:

  • Indonesia Dota2 Minor – 15.03.2018 – 18.03.2018;
  • Indonesia Dota2 Minor – SEA Qualifier – 16.01.2018 – 18.01.2018;
  • Indonesia Dota2 Minor – China Qualifier 10.02.2018 – 11.02.2018;
  • Indonesia Dota2 Minor – CIS Qualifier 06.01.2018 – 8.01.2018!

The list of GESC events is much more extensive and includes many qualifying battles.

Best players in the championship

The leaders of the Tournament were Evil Geniuses and VGJ Storm. These squads are beneficial for betting since the smaller the tournament, the weaker and more unstable the squads, and consequently, the results. Therefore, it is best to take only top events and lead several teams during the season. Choose two or three participants and watch them at each competition.

How to determine the favorite of the venue? To understand which of the squads has an advantage, you need to:

  1. Study the statistics of head-to-head meetings of squads and the statistics of their games with the same opponents;
  2. Check the news about replacements and other negative factors;
  3. Find out how prestigious the team’s place was in the last competition!

If the squad played more successfully than usual in the previous event, this is not a reason to consider it a favorite. Significant achievements take too much energy, even from the top, not to mention the average. It is wrong to expect a second triumph from the latter and charge a significant part of the bank for their victory. Remember: an average participant is an average gambling result.

Why betting GESC-like events is profitable?

Today, everyone can take part in the competition for their favorite game, and for this, it is not at all necessary to be a professional gamer. Instead, you can bet on the outcome of a specific tournament using the services of a bookmaker.

Esports betting strategy

Here we will briefly outline the sequence of actions for a successful bet and mention one more important nuance. To increase your chance of winning in esports, you need to choose a discipline, find the results of the last major tournament, identify middle solid players, and study the news for negative factors.

Then, you can review the statistics of personal meetings with potential opponents. We recommend skipping the first matches of a new tournament or seeing their result if the contest has already started. Finally, compare the results with expectations and bet if they match.

Minimal doubt is a reason to miss. Bet as much as you are not afraid to lose, and do not resort to “catching up”. Impulsive play leads to loss of money and enjoyment of the process.

Odds and predictions in esports

How do bookmakers set odds for an event? When calculating the line, many criteria and indicators are taken into account, but the statistics of teams and players play one of the most critical roles here. This is where the vital advantage of betting on esports comes from.

On the professional cybersports scene, only a handful of squads retain their roster for a minimum of one year. Here, new mixes appear from players who have lost crews.

Young players make their way to semi-professional leagues and qualifications for major competitions, where they are sometimes found by more experienced esportsmen and put together new squads. This constant flow of newcomers makes collecting bookmakers’ statistics simply impossible.

Usually, favorites’ odds against such “new” teams are in the region of 1.2. Meanwhile, the newly assembled squads of young guys, having arrived at the tournament, light up at the sight of a vast audience and the scale of what is happening and show incredible results.

Unexpected results are obtained not only because of the inspiration of new teams and the difficulties in collecting statistics. The fact is that Dota 2 and CS:GO are demanding both for the player and the developer. There are always undiscovered strategies and imbalances in the game, which are removed with patches. This changes in the game mechanics.

Constant updates are another reason why “beginner” teams quite often take, if not the first, then at least prize-winning places, beating those who were considered the clear favorite.

Frequent patches in Dota 2 and CS:GO also may lead to unexpected results. Imagine if before each significant football tournament, f.e., the width of the gate changed by a few centimeters.

Because of these complexities, cybersports betting sites can offer vastly different odds for the same event, making predictions difficult. This indicates the shortcomings of bookmakers, which are convenient to play for those with sufficient information. For example, in Dota 2, it is essential to know the hero selection system, which heroes the team plays well with, and which units it does not like to play against.

Tips for Dota 2 events betting

If you bet on Dota2, small tournaments are better to avoid. The smaller the tournament, the weaker and more unstable the teams, hence the results. It is best to take only top events and lead several groups during the season. Choose three or four teams and watch them at each tournament.

The best option is strong middle peasants with good scores and standings. They are always motivated, and less than others risk losing positions relative to their level. To identify such, study the results of recent competitions. The necessary teams, as a rule, complete the performance in 4-6th places.

Another important rule is to miss the first matches of the competition, even the most prestigious. Then, see how the teams approached the tournament. Sometimes, the line-up needs time to play out even after a short break, and it falls just in the starting series.

Bet on those who play predictably. If a team copes with equals but is inferior to outsiders, experts recommend not to take matches with its participation.

Unlike traditional sports, in Dota 2 and CS:GO, the player gets additional options that can help in the correct analysis of matches. F.e., in Dota 2, the “Dota TV” tool is available. By logging into the game and clicking on the “View” section, you will see a list of currently playing games, with the games of people with the highest rating at the top.

Live bets. Live bets on Dota 2 and CS:GO games are both a plus and a minus in cybersports betting. Let’s talk about the pros of using Dota 2.

The confrontation in the game begins with the selection of five characters (the so-called “draft”), which the teams will play. Also, this stage includes the prohibition of selecting certain characters.

This problematic stage predetermines the course of the match. The team’s game idea becomes clear: does it want to drag it out or finish it quickly; whether the players will gain an advantage in gold by destroying buildings, or do they want to find enemies on the map, thereby earning money for themselves and hindering the enemy.

This is not the same as the conditional pre-match lineup in football – characters cannot be changed during the course of the map. The advantage is that by correctly analyzing picks and bans (in the professional slang “picks” and “bans”), you can try to draw a conclusion about the outcome and catch excellent odds in live.

Is it profitable to choose Dota 2 betting?

Almost all official bookmakers accept bets on Dota 2 and CS: GO. Some offices specialize only in the main disciplines, while others try to open lines and take bets on less popular games.
Spectacular wrestling leaves no one indifferent. Bookmakers offer bets not only on major competitions but also on regional tournaments.

Anyone who has reached the age of majority, who has opened an account on the betting platform, can bet. But bettors recommend that you first study the rules of the game, and achieve success in it – this will help you understand what is happening on the field, and correctly assess the chances of your opponents.

To bet on esports and win, it is not necessary to have a thorough understanding of the disciplines. It is enough to understand the basics, enlist the right strategy and be patient.
Like classic sports, cyber is only partly predictable.

So, there are no win-win tactics in it, which means that you should not choose betting as your primary income, but it can be a great hobby with a good profit. So, learn different expert reviews and start earning!