Team Aster – Dota2 legends

Dota2 is an online multiplayer game that captivates from the first minutes. An interesting plot and the whole process of the game make the strategy an incredibly exciting spectacle for gamers, fans and spectators. Millions of people regularly follow spectacular tournaments in this discipline.

Bookmakers do not stand aside. You can place bets, win cash rewards and numerous prizes on many sites. The demand for the game makes the competition between the teams spectacular. Every year there are many contenders for leadership in this game. But only a few become them. The group of gamers can be attributed to the category of masters of this eSports.

The path to glory was difficult. The squad has gone through a lot since its inception. The line-up was changed several times so that with each new tournament the squad showed the best results.

More about Team Aster

Team Aster is a professional esports organization from China. The squad began its existence thanks to the former well-known Dota cyber player. Xu Zhilei aka ‘BurNIng’ decided to pass on his knowledge and moved up to the rank of the coach.

By 2018, an experienced player picked up a team and trained the guys, thereby making the dream of a personal squad come true. XiaoFei holds the position of manager and is the second co-founder of the team. In September, the main line-up was presented, which included cyber players from China, which were popular at that time:

  • Sylar;
  • Dstones;
  • xxs;
  • BoBoKa;
  • Fenrir!

The debut took place at the qualifying competitions of The Kuala Lumpur Major China. The event was a good start. Having received a victory both in the open and in the closed qualifier, the team got access to the Major. The first year of existence was marked by leading positions at the World Electronic Sports Games China Finals and ESL One Hamburg.

The collision stone was Major. This event was beyond the power of the team. Therefore, the experienced head of BurNIng decided to change the composition of the group.

Events in which the players took the first place:

When Where Result
2022-01-22   Intel World Open Beijing 3 : 1
2021-09-05 i-League 2021 Season 2      3 : 1
2021-07-25 i-League 2021 Season 1      3 : 0
2021-05-23 Dota Pro Circuit 2021: S2 – China Upper Division 6/-/1
2020-03-08 StarLadder ImbaTV Dota2 Minor Season 3 3 : 1


Team Aster also has subsidiary units Aster.Aquarius was the part responsible for youth players. However, in 2019 it was reformulated and replaced by Aster.Aries. Often players from the squad participate as part of the last mentioned group and vice versa.

Team Aster was a participant in 484 tournaments.

The most popular of them are:

  • The International;
  • MDL Chengdu Major;
  • DreamLeague Season 13: The Leipzig Major!

Performance in 2021-2022

Performances at the Major opened in 2020. Compared with the same beginning of the previous year, the results were better because the gamers were in 9-12th place. The group with the same roster won the ESL One Los Angeles 2020 China Closed Qualifier, taking 4th place and gaining access to the competition.

Since March 2020, there have been not very successful fights. The squad finished 5-6th in China Dota2 Professional League Season 1, the same places they got at OGA Dota PIT Season 1: China. During the well-known CDA League Season, the team took 8th place in the ranking.

DPL-CDA Professional League Season 1 ended very successfully as the players took 4th place in the leaderboard. ESL One Birmingham 2020 – Online: China went a little worse, the group dropped by one line and moved to the 5th-6th place. This mediocre game of Aster led to the decision of the boss to reform the line-up of the participants.


Monet, DD, Xxs, BoBoka, and Jiang An effectively worked together and brought the company 3rd place at OGA Dota PIT S3: China, and CDA-FDC Professional Championship Season 2, they received 4th place by participating in the CDA-FDC Professional Championship.

Although the results were satisfactory, the leadership advocated a change in the group of cyber sportsmen. LaNm and Borax became part of the team instead of BoBoka and Jiang Anya. With this composition, the squad began a promising 2021. Participating in many competitions throughout the year, the squad showed mostly good results.

All fights and their results are listed here:

Date Event Result
03.01.2021 – 13.01.2021 Dota Pro Circuit: Season 1 — Closed qualifiers semi-finals
23.02.2021 – 20.03.2021 FMWH Dota2 Championship Season 3 semi-finals
26.03.2021 – 04.04.2021 ONE Esports Singapore Major 


02.04.2021 – 25.07.2021 i-League both Seasons

Won the Grand Final

12.04.2021 – 23.05.2021 Pro Circuit: Season 2 — China 1st Division Won the Grand Final
01.06.2021 – 13.06.2021 WePlay AniMajor 


06.08.2021 – 16.08.2021 OGA Dota PIT Season 5 — China

Lower bracket semi-finals

06.10.2021 – 17.10.2021 The International 10  Group stage
22.12.2021 – 31.12.2021 Huya Winter Invitational  Playoffs
25.11.2021 – 24.01.2022 Dota Pro Circuit 2021/2022 — China 2 in the Grand Final


Current roaster

After numerous changes, the management settled on the following composition of the group:

  • Monet was the youngest Chinese player to achieve 9k MMR on May 16th 2017. There is a tradition in Chinese society to give nicknames to your favourite players. Fans attributed the national expression to the cyber sportsman, which in English sounds like “copy by touch”;
  • Ori got 10,000 MMR on November 4th, 2020. The total number of played matches is 61. He gains victory 35 times as Kunkka;
  • Xxs is the all-time leader in 49 wins as Mars out of 77 professional matches;
  • BoBoKa made the highest average kills per game which is about 3.72. This was the best result in 2017 for any player at The International. Known under another nickname — Borax reach the highest average assists per competition which is about 16.90 during The Kuala Lumpur Major;
  • Siamese.C ranked 10,000 MMR on November 30th, 2021!

More statistics about players:

Nickname Player Debut Number of played matches Victorys
Monet Du Peng 04.09.2020 198 119 (60%)
Ori Zeng Jiaoyang 20.11.2021 73 45 (62%)
Xxs Lin Jing 10.07.2019 329 181 (55%)
BoBoKa Ye Zhibiao 02.12.2020 155 97 (63%)
Siamese.C Yu Yajun 21.11.2021 73 45 (62%)


Schedule of events

Every year, Valve begins a mid-year call for entries for upcoming tournaments. Dota Pro Circuit 2022/2023, as usual, will be held in the form of major and regional leagues. The company made innovations by dividing the divisions into categories of different leagues.

Now the tour will last 20 days, which is much less. It used to take a month and a half. Another change was the decision not to take a huge holiday break during the winter competition.

Team Aster managers provided Valve employees with information about participation in the competition in August 2022. At the negotiations, the conditions of presence at the tournaments were agreed upon.

The signed contracts, including COVID protocols, security measures and visa regimes, satisfied both parties. Therefore, bettors can monitor the situation and be ready to bet on squad in such competitions:

Event Competition Date
PC 2022/2023 Winter Tour 1





Open Qualifiers December 11-13, 2022
Closed Qualifiers December 14-15, 2022
Division 1 Regional League Tournament January 9-29, 2023
Division 2 Regional League Tournament January 30 – February 19, 2023
Major Tournament February 24 – March 5, 2023
DDPC 2022/2023 Spring Tour 2





Open Qualifiers March 13-15, 2023
Closed Qualifiers March 16-22, 2023
Division 1 Regional League Tournament March 13 – April 2, 2023
Division 2 Regional League Tournament April 3-23, 2023
Major Tournament April 28 – May 7, 2023
DPC 2022/2023 Summer Tour 3





Open Qualifiers May 15-27, 2023
Closed Qualifiers May 18-24, 2023
Division 1 Regional League Tournament May 15 – June 4, 2023
Division 2 Regional League Tournament June 5-25, 2023
Major Tournament June 30 – July 9th, 2023


Team Aster analysis

Considering all the matches played by this group of gamers, we can draw the following conclusions:

The group often takes part in local competitions. Thus, working out tactics and practising before majors. They show excellent results at such events. An example of successful performance in the closed qualifiers for the international ESL One Malaysia 2022 and victories in LAN tournaments.

If we talk about the tactics of the game, then often the gamers focus on such characters: Razor, Tiny and Dazzle. The attack panel is built around Tiny, which is used to open checkers. They also dare to use Grimstroke. An example is a tournament in Singapore where the group pushed the last mentioned hero into the lane with Faceless Void.

For the squad, the best-of-2 fights are the most victorious. Often two cards remain with Team Aster.

Analyzing the last years, Team Aster has truly earned the title of one of the most promising choices. Although the squad spent an ambiguous spring tour, getting second place in the first DPC league and leading positions at the Intel World Open Beijing.

This was followed by an unsuccessful performance in the regional finals of the DPC leagues, and non-admission to the finals of OGA Dota PIT Season 6: China. Such events have not changed the position of the group as one of the main favourites for 2021/22.

How to bet on Team Aster

The demand for this game among fans is driving the expansion of the betting market in this category. Currently, bookmakers present customers with a large number of different betting options, including:

  • a constant bet in all sports on the outcome. Select the group that will win. There may be subspecies in the format b01, b03, b05;
  • the number of characters killed both by the whole group and by one player; On average, 30-50 heroes die per game;
  • competition duration. It can be 30-50 minutes, depending on the style of players;
  • first kill — money is placed on the one who first eliminates one of the opponent’s heroes;
  • first Roshan — who will be the first to destroy the main monster!

In addition to the listed types, there are many other bets.

The profitability of a victory is affected not only by the choice of bet but also by the choice of the bookmaker. After all, only trusted sites can guarantee the reliability of the betting and payout process.

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The best option for betting

Having studied all the information, it becomes clear why Team Aster is so successful in the competition and why these players are the favourites in betting. Participation in the upcoming tournaments in 2023 will definitely increase the list of gamers’ victories. Fans look forward to the return of the legends to the arena.