The most popular branch of online betting at the moment is esports, and one of the most prestigious, highly paid, and widespread disciplines is Dota 2. In connection with this state of affairs, many bettors have retrained as esports players and plunged headlong into learning the intricacies of online games.

Full immersion in the nuances of game mechanics allows you not only to have fun but also to get a deeper understanding of the game, which will help you make more successful predictions on Defense of the Ancients.

In our review, we have put together all the tips that will make a real Dota 2 pro out of a beginner player. We will look at the main features of the game mechanics, the strengths and weaknesses of the characters, as well as the most successful tactics used by front-line teams in tournaments such as The International or WePlay AniMajor.

We will also look at what bets on Defense of the Ancients bring the most profit and answer the most common questions among beginners in eSports betting.

About Dota 2

Defense of the Ancients is an MMORPG game in which two teams of five athletes each fight. The goal of each team is to demolish the enemy’s main building or Throne.

In total, 123 heroes are currently available in the game, which can be chosen by the player, but their number is constantly increasing. Usually, the release of new characters is timed to coincide with the annual competition The International.

Let’s start step by step to analyze all the features of this MMORPG that will help you become a real cyber sportsman.

Defense of the Ancients Map

First, let’s get acquainted with the map on which all games will take place. The peculiarity of this discipline is that each match takes place within the same map. This is why it is worth studying it thoroughly and knowing all the main secret passages and secluded places.

Three main corridors run through the entire map:

  • top line;
  • middle line;
  • bottom line!

On each of these lines are NPC creatures, which are commonly called creeps.

At the bottom left of the map is the base of the forces of light Radiant. Opposite in the upper right corner is the base of the forces of darkness Dire.

To the left of the center of the map is a lair in which a super-monster named Roshan is hiding. You can only kill him with the whole team. The team that defeats the monster will receive a bonus in the form of gold, experience, and a shield called Aegis will fall out of Roshan, allowing the character who possessed it to resurrect instantly after death.

Roshan gets stronger every 10 minutes. After his death, he is reborn in the interval from 8 to 11 minutes after death. After the second death, additional items in addition to Aegis begin to drop from him, such as Refresher Shard, which allows you to instantly recharge the hero’s abilities, and Aghanim’s Shard, which enhances one of the character’s abilities.

Also between the corridors is the territory of the forest or the Jungle, as it is commonly called in the community of cyber sportsmen. Neutral creeps live in the forest, for killing which gives them experience and gold. This is a great opportunity to earn extra experience and gold for the characters.

Also on the map, there are High Ground – hills, and Low Ground – lowlands. While on the High Ground, you get an increased view radius, while the player below cannot see what is above.
To improve visibility, special items called Wards are used, which give a constant view around them.

Observer Wards allow you to see some areas of the map but are invisible on their own. Sentry Wards allow you to see invisible heroes, including enemy Wards.

Experienced bettors advise you to carefully study all the paths of the map and the location of Wards since in professional matches positioning and optimal movement on the map plays a very important role.


The player can choose from 123 unique heroes, each of which has its characteristics. The choice of heroes is assigned to the first stage of the game which is called the Pick Phase. Each member of the team should carefully consider the choice of character, on which the tactics of the entire team will depend.

Basically, all characters are divided into the following classes:

  1. Tank is a strong hero with a lot of Health Points and is able to absorb a lot of enemy damage, ideal for beginners;
  2. Carry is a hero with very weak stats in the early game, but with the right approach is able to deal a huge amount of play in the late match;
  3. Support – a character with abilities aimed at supporting and helping his team, able to heal and protect his teammates;
  4. Nuker – a character with strong magical abilities allowing you to inflict colossal damage in a short period of time;
  5. Ganger – heroes moving around the map unnoticed and attacking their opponents!

These are the main types of heroes worth remembering. Do not choose overly complex roles such as Carry or Nuker, which require high skills from an esports player. Start by playing hardy heroes. This way you won’t die too fast and get a feel for the mechanics of the process.

Dota 2 Items

Each hero will earn gold by killing creeps and enemy heroes as the match progresses. For this gold, players can buy special Items improving the basic characteristics of the hero or give him additional abilities.

Items are also divided into several types:

  • Boots – items increasing movement speed and give a variety of bonuses to attack, health regeneration, and so on;
  • Armor – special protective armor increasing armor and gives useful auras that spread a positive effect on nearby teammates;
  • Magic staves – special equipment enhancing magical abilities and gives a significant bonus to the hero’s intelligence;
  • Blades – a special kind of items giving a variety of superpowers, such as teleportation, vampirism, and so on;
  • Capes are a type of item giving useful auras or other abilities such as invisibility or increased spell protection!

Each item purchase must be carefully considered, as each player’s item-build determines their abilities and how they interact with their teammates.

Some items, once purchased, can drastically change the game. One such item is the Divine Rapier, which is one of the most expensive items. Its main advantage is a huge plus to the damage to the hero, however, after the death of the owner, the item falls on the battlefield, which makes it possible for the enemy to pick it up and take advantage of it.

Buying a Divine Rapier is a very risky decision and often leads to unforeseen consequences.

If you need a hint, you can choose a special option, which is available in the program interface, and could suggest which item you need to buy in order to achieve a particular goal.

Keep a close eye on the items most frequently purchased by popular esports players. By analyzing their item-builds, you can tell a lot about their future tactics. Such an analysis could allow you to make more successful and profitable wagers online.

How to Increase Your Stats?

The training process for e-sportsmen is by no means easy. Learning to play Dota 2 is an ongoing process that can take decades. Given the constantly changing map and the changing properties of items, characters, and abilities, it is impossible to achieve absolute mastery.

This contributes to the frequent change of leading teams and constant intrigue at international tournaments. Thanks to constant updates, Dota 2 bets are constantly at the top of the most popular bookmakers, providing high odds and favorable conditions for bettors.

If you want to significantly improve your performance and become a real sportsman in order to take part in competitions or bet on prestigious championships, then you need to follow a strict schedule and play regularly.


Here are some tips from top players:

  • Find a team that you practice with regularly;
  • Determine for yourself the role that you will play;
  • Learn the nuances of mechanics;
  • Try unusual skill-builds and item-builds;
  • Chat with your teammates;
  • Keep for updates;
  • Try to copy the style of play of your favorite esports player!

Simple advice can lead to decent results. As in classical sports, the main thing is regular training and a thorough approach that provides for full involvement 24/7.

You will certainly notice that the higher your skill in the game becomes, the more profitable your Dota 2 predictions could become. A thorough understanding of cyber discipline allows you to more subtly feel changes in the tactics of top teams and make more successful bets online.

How to Bet on Dota 2?

By constantly improving your skills, new levels of understanding could become available to you, which could ensure more profitable staking. However, even the deepest knowledge can be useless if you are wagering on an unverified platform.

A large number of promising bettors refused subsequent bets due to the fact that they were deceived by scammers who disguised themselves as respectable bookmakers.
To ensure safe and profitable betting, make sure to choose a secure platform that is regulated by international financial regulators.

Many bettors note the Parimatch bookmaker, which occupies a leading position and offers very favorable odds for betting on Defense of the Ancients.

Also, experienced players are advised to pay attention to the company 888sport, which has won the love of a huge number of customers over its many years of successful history.

The William Hill platform also offers Dota 2 predictions and is heavily regulated by a modern license, which means constant monitoring by international financial institutions.

Megapari is very famous among esports fans as it offers very favorable odds and provides a live streaming option on its website, which allows you to watch the match and bet at the same time.

20bet has established itself as a reliable platform that offers lucrative bonuses to its customers and also provides 24/7 customer support.

Another popular esports betting platform is Bet365, which has been a leader in the world for many years.

Many players enjoy the benefits of cooperation with the company GG.BET, which specializes in eSports and provides the widest selection of possible events and types of predictions.
Use our hint and make sure that the above bookmakers are reliable!

Bet on Dota 2 and Win!

We hope our review could help you improve your performance as a player and possibly lead you to The International championship! Many popular players started as amateurs and never predicted a successful career for themselves.

If you are really interested in the world of MMORPG, you have perseverance and the ability to devote all your free time to this activity, then you have every chance of becoming the next champion and earning fabulous prize money!

Many fans note that the prize pools of esports competitions are constantly increasing and are already worthy of competition with classic sports. Given the pace of development in this area, eSports is the most promising industry that will receive the most funding.

Become a part of this amazing world, bet online and earn!


Bettors aged 18 and over are allowed to bet on esports disciplines.

Yes, the average prize pool of the top competitions reaches an average of 30 million USD.

Yes. All bookmakers provide a huge selection of competitions, players and teams for betting.

No. It is forbidden. Each user can only have one account. In case of duplicate accounts, the account will be blocked.