The best teams in Dota 2 (2023): legendary Entity players in cybersport world

Cybersports teams are gaining in popularity these days. Many people follow video game competitions broadcast by popular cybersports teams and individual gamers recognized worldwide. The games that get the most hits are CS:GO, League of Legends, and Dota 2.

These matches have already gained worldwide recognition, there are even global tournaments of the strongest, which are held annually. They are watched by millions of fans, and the best band of players receive prizes of up to $50,000.

Usually, the most popular squads are put on a separate list. Their gamers and scores are studied, there are even recruiters who poach them from other organizations and use them to collab businesses, supporting brand popularity. One of the important teams in Dota 2 was also Entity. They are legendary players who gained many fans worldwide and worldwide fame in a short time.

In this article, we’ll talk about them, and tell the band’s history, and critical moments that connect them to cybersports.

What is Entity?

Entity Gaming was founded in 2016 as an Indian squad-company to promote Indian gamers to the world of cybersports. But, due to certain circumstances, they didn’t manage to get enough support and therefore had to survive the merger of Beyond Infinity and Invisible Wings.

After this merger, the Entity era began. The first lineup featured some very famous players: BlizzarD, Swifty, A35, Crowley, and NO_Chanc3. There was also a famous coach of the band, under the nickname Evil-Ash. The first years were very productive for the gang, but they participated only in local eSports tournaments to raise fame in their own country.

Thanks to their skills and coaching, the team managed to reach 2nd place in the ESL India Premiership Summer 2017. It was a great accomplishment for both the gamers and the entire cheerleading squad. After that year, the gang rebuilt its roster and started setting international goals with new games.

The Entity in international tournaments and the transition to the European league

After deciding to join an international league, the first step was to participate in the qualifying rounds – Summit 8. At that time, the composition of the squad was not very strong, although it changed many times, after playing at the local level. The roster included the following players: tmt, Teehee, Ab1ng, Eyyou, and Jobeeezy.

Unfortunately, they lost the first qualifier to Valve. Failures followed the squad further, so they had to disband the roster completely in 2018 and start over.

At the end of April 2019, new players came in. This time, they consisted of some pretty strong matches: CastawaY, Moon, Saiba, Zapheto, and Divine. And already in June, the squad was expecting success in the form of winning the ESL India Premiership 2019 Summer Masters League Phase 1. It was a short-lived triumph, as by fall the lineup fell apart again, failing another game.

In November 2021, Entity Gaming became a European band. It was a surprise announcement that was received very ambiguously by fans in India. The gamblers who joined the band were: Crystallis, Stormstormer, Tobi, Kataomi`, Fishman and MeTTpuM the gang coach.

This was a good decision as the band paid off right away by taking gold at DreamLeague Season 17 DPC WEU: Division I. The successes only continued from there: third place at Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 6, second place at Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 5 and Dota 2 Champions League 2022 Season 7, and first place at Winline Dota 2 Champions League Season 8.

That’s how the gang survived a major upgrade, after several defeats and rose like a phoenix, re-entering the world of cybersports. This time, the international league.

Current Entity composition 2022-2023

The current roster for this and next season looks like this. Some players have only been on the team since last year, and some more joined this year, but have already had time to prove themselves in competitions.

Player Position Age Date of acceptance
Pure (Ivan Moskalenko) Kerry 18 29.05.2022
Stormstormer (Daniel Schoetzau) Leader 24 23.11.2021
Tobi (Tobias Buechner) Offleiner 25 23.11.2021
Kataomi` (Vladislav Semenov) Saport 4 23 23.11.2021
Fishman (Dmitriy Polishchuk) Sport 5 26 23.11.2021


Interestingly, year, due to the tense situation in the country of Ivan Moskalenko, as well as the war in Ukraine, the band decided to replace the gambler with a new one.

Ivan’s place was taken by the Czech Jonas, known under the nickname SabeRLighT. He has already proven himself and it is possible that he will remain in the current squad in the position of Kerry.

The Entity performance 2021-2022

These years were quite a difficult band, in the beginning, due to the fact that the roster changed completely. So we had to get used to each other again, play with each other and go all the way from the beginning.

But despite this, as well as the pandemic and the outbreak of war in Ukraine (which hit the squad’s reputation and forced them to look replacements), the gang showed themselves well in some tournaments.

In all time they have played more than 175 games: 102 of them were victories and only 77 were losses. Thus, the overall probability of winning is 51%, which is not a bad result for a completely raw squad that just got a renewed roster.

Battle Type Competitor Score
PGL Arlington Major 2022 Playoffs EG 2:1
PGL Arlington Major 2022  Playoffs BOOM 2:1
PGL Arlington Major 2022 Playoffs Aster  2:1
ESL One Malaysia 2022 Group A Alliance 0:2
ESL One Malaysia 2022 Group A TLN 2:0
ESL One Malaysia 2022 Group A TA 2:0
ESL One Malaysia 2022 Group A Secret 1:1
ESL One Malaysia 2022 Group A Aster  1:1
ESL One Malaysia 2022 Playoffs TSM FTX 2:0


TOP-3 tournaments with the Entity:

  1. PGL Arlington Major 2022;
  2. ESL One Malaysia 2022;
  3. DPC WEU 2021/2022 Round 2 Division I!


Western Europe DPC Summer Tour Regional League Division I

Rank Team Series DPC Points Seed Prize
1 Tundra Esports 6-1 400 Arlington Major Invite $30,000
2 OG 5-2 240 Arlington Major Invite $28,000
3 Team Liquid 5-2 160 Arlington Major Invite $27,000
4 Entity 4-3 80 Arlington Major Invite $26,000
5 Team Secret 4-3 40 $25,000
6 Gaimin Gladiators 1-2 N/A $24,000
7 goonsquad 1-3 N/A Demoted to Division II $23,000
8 Alliance 0-3 N/A Demoted to Division II $22,000


Current roster 2023

In the previous squad, with the gambler Pure they played in 15 tournaments. But circumstances forced him to be replaced by a more inexperienced character. Most of the gamers came from the Creepwave band, de facto the entire current 2022 squad is built on it.

Entity main lineup is:

  • Jonas (SabeRLighT);
  • Fishman (Dzmitry Palishchuk);
  • Stormstormer (Daniel Schoetzau);
  • Tobi (Tobias Buchner);
  • Kataomi` (Vladislav Semenov)!

We hope that next year’s gamers will be free of setbacks and that they will not change a good lineup, which is already loved by fans.

Schedule (fixtures) season 2023 – Entity

There are no competition schedules in season yet with this gang. We expect the team to take part again in the PGL Arlington Major 2023, ESL One Malaysia 2023, DPC WEU 2022/2023 Division I.

The calendar of events 2023 has not yet been confirmed, but the gamers still have a few competitions left that they will play before the end of the year. You can follow them on your bookmaker’s website in the cybersports section.

Analysis of Entity (Dota 2): strengths and weaknesses

If you look at the stats of the gang’s competitions, you can draw conclusions about their strengths and weaknesses. Recall statistics and analysis may differ from your judgment.


  • Great player experience in the competition;
  • Players learn quickly and make progress;
  • Lots of wins, over 51% of games;
  • Participation and wins over strong bands of others!


Weaknesses of the gamers:

  • Poor chemistry, due to the fact the band is constantly changing;
  • The attacking strategy is not fully developed;
  • There are strong differences between gamblers in terms of levels;
  • Inconsistent progression!

There is no accurate prediction, but looking at the statistics of competitions over the past few months, we can conclude the gang is growing and developing. The percentage of wins has increased from 51% to 63%, which is a very good indicator. The gambler SabeRLighT shows well on the battlefield and gives an advantage.

How to bet to Entity (Dota 2)

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Nowadays cybersport is developing by leaps and bounds. New bands are being created and old ones are leaving before our eyes, like VGJ.Thunder. Every day brings new victories and new defeats. Cybersports is a spectacle that attracts more and more people to follow the matches and competitions.

Don’t miss your chance to bet on any gang. If you’re already a good match gambler, there’s nothing stopping you from making money from your knowledge and betting on eSports. Start now and you’ll have plenty of time to hit the jackpot.