Royal Never Give Up will be back in 2023

We, like you, can’t wait for the new season of the eSports competition. However, before moving on to it, let’s remember how this team played in the current year and what games it still has to play. At the same time, let’s remember which country this team represents, who plays in it, and what achievements they have achieved over the years of appearances at tournaments.

What is the Royal Never Give Up team?

This is a relatively young team, the 1st division of which was formed in 2013 and has been known to the audience for many years as a competitive group in the game League of Legends. And already in 2018, an RNG was formed as Dota 2 participants.

They were formed in China and represented this country at all international tournaments. They are based and trained in China and most of its players are from China, except two from Malaysia.

Current squad

As of today, the team includes 6 members. In total, more than 20 different gamers who have already stopped participating played in RNG. Now the roaster includes:

Daniel Chan;

Lu Yao;

Yang Shenyi;

Hu Liangzhi;

Jian Wei Yap!

The most experienced members are Lu Yao, Yang Shenyi, and Jian Wei Yap. Each one of them has played more than 60 games with RNG and has good statistical results. Daniel Chan is a newbie in Royals and has only played 9 games with Royals Never Give Up (RNG).

RNG performance 2021-2022

In general, they can be described as middle solid peasants because it does not show consistently high results and has strong fluctuations, as shown in the table. They occupied both prize places and at the end of the tournament table.

During four years of its participation in various games, they were able to receive more than 1 million dollars in prose in various tournaments. The main audience and fanbase of RNG are in the country they represent, namely China.

As of today, they have played 267 matches and rank 73rd in the world by this indicator. Of them, 53 percent of the matches ended with a victory, 4 percent with a draw, and 43 percent with a defeat.

They also took part in 46 tournaments and ranks 114th in the world according to this indicator. The record number of views of games and participation of this team is 987 thousand and according to this indicator, they rank 140th in the world.

Date Place Tournament
23.07.2022 5th-6th Riyad Masters 2022
15.07.2022 1st DPC CN Tour 3
20.02.2022 2nd DPC CN Tour 1
31.12.2021 2nd Huya WInter Invitational 2021


Current roaster 2022-2023

Now let`s take a closer look at those who are now on the team and those who were part of it and what they have contributed to it. The 2022 roaster is composed of the following gamers: Daniel Chan, Lu Yao, Yang Shenyi, Hu Liangzhi, and Jian Wei Yap.

Daniel Chan

This is a new player in RNG who joined it only in May 2022 under the nickname Ghost. During six months, he played 165 games with the Royals and was able to win 77 of them. Plays the Kerry position. Young and very promising player, who with a great deal of experience can become a good addition to the Royals.

Lu Yao

Professional Dota 2 player from China. He gained fame under the nickname Maybe. For a long time, he remained in the shadow of the public, although he can be called a veteran. Even before the release of Dota 2, Maybe was known among Chinese pubs and was at the top of the ladder. His first team was called Greedy, where the legendary YaphetS played, but then he failed to gain a foothold on the pro scene.

In February 2014, LGD lost their experienced captain xiao8, who decided to assemble his NewBee. In his place, Maybe was unexpectedly invited. However, he somehow did not suit the organization and already in April ended up on the second roster of LGD.CDEC, where he played with the same little-known players at that time. Soon CDEC became a separate organization, but even there Maybe turned out to be superfluous: having not achieved any serious results, the player was forced to leave.

In March 2015, Maybe re-entered the ranks of LGD. Under the guidance of xiao8, the player was able to reveal himself. As part of the team, he became the “bronze” winner of TI5, and the community finally recognized him as one of the strongest mid-players in the world. And Somnus丶M himself was awarded the signing of a long-term contract with the organization last 4 years.

Yang Shenyi

Professional Dota 2 gamer. The beginning of a career is associated with a small Chinese organization MAX. In April 2016, Chalice was included in the second composition of the organization, and in February 2017 he was transferred to the main one. The player showed himself well, and in December 2017, after a reshuffle in LGD, he was invited to this organization as an offlaner. LGD at that moment was in some crisis and could not find their game, but by the spring of 2018, they had become the strongest squad in China. Joined RNG in 2021.

Hu Liangzhi

Professional Dota 2 gamer from China. KaKa became known for his high MMR of over 7000 pts. In March 2014, the pub star joined his first club – HyperGlory, where he began to play as a support. The day before, the group went through a rebranding and needed new names. HGT started the slow way up. They even managed to get “silver” at i-League Season 2 by beating one of the strongest in China – VG twice. At DAC 2015, they managed to get to the 7th-8th place, but in the qualifiers for TI5 HGT, an embarrassing defeat awaited.

In the new season, KaKa immediately received an invitation to EHOME. Captain LaNm made a bet on young players with a high level of personal skill. So KaKa began to play in tandem with a well-known veteran of the Dota scene. After a major reshuffle on the Chinese Dota scene, he ended up in Newbee. At Ti7, they took 2nd place. Joined RNG in 2022.

Jian Wei Yap

Is a professional Dota 2 gamer. He became famous back in 2013 when he played as a substitute member in several southeastern teams. He played as part of Nara Stacks, which changed its name to Who2Bet in January 2015, while xNova- also played the role of captain.

Later, as part of Mineski-X, he took part in the qualifiers on The Manila Major 2016 but was unsuccessful. In September, he joined the ranks of WarriorsGaming.Unity, had a very successful start to the season, qualifying to the WCA 2016 and The Boston Major 2016. In January 2018, he joined the Chinese-based LGD Gaming group.

Most prominent former members

Player Number of games Percentage of wins
Gao Zhenxiong 279 56%
Du Peng 259 55%
Su Lei 234 56%
Xie Junhao 178 54%
Chong Wei Lun 137 50%
Tew Sun Chuan 132 54%


RNG schedule for 2022-2023 season

Unfortunately, there are no dates for the 2023 season yet but don’t worry because the 2022 season is not over yet. Right now the Royals is taking part in China / Dota 2 The International 2022 and their next match is scheduled on the 8th of September.

Their competitors are a Chinese group called Ybb gaming. The preliminary assessment by the bookmaker says that RNG has better chances of winning, so do not miss your chance to bet on them. The final game of the tournament will be held on the 12 of September.

Future matches Date
RNG vs Ybb gaming 08/09/2022


Previous matches Score
Outsider vs RNG 2:0
RNG vs Liquid 1:1
RNG vs PSG.LGD 0:2


What are the pros and cons of RNG?

Royal Never Give Up continues to show top DotA. They fully justify the status of the representative of China. It shows interesting tactics and strategies, but at the same time, it acts quite disciplined and organized. It is worth noting that you should not expect risky actions from the “golden”. The main task is to pragmatically achieve results.

The team is always noted as one of the most pragmatic and unconventional in terms of tactical decision-making. Watching their game is always interesting and will not be boring even for those who have been watching Dota 2 tournaments every year.

The main weakness of the RNG is the frequent change of players, which disrupts the regularity of team play. This happens due to various reasons, it is also worth noting that quite often not all the main members of the team can participate in the tournament and therefore they have to find a replacement.

Usually, the search of an emergency replacement is related to the complicated process of obtaining visas for Chinese members to visit tournaments held outside China.

In general, it is a pretty good group that has both weak and strong points, but they are quite badly let down by the stability of their performances, and they have a lower statistical average.

How to bet on Royals Never Give Up?

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Where to bet on Royals Never Give Up?

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