Nowadays the world of sports is full of various disciplines. But besides classical ones, many cyber occasions are found. Esports is not just about playing with animated computer heroes, it has already seemed to be a new way of human evolution.

You don’t need to go out to train or perform anymore, everything is computerized. The rapid development of technology allows humanity to evolve not only in the approach to science and production but also in sports. Many people think Esports is a waste of time, but the situation is reversed.

By devoting more and more time to such cyber disciplines as Dota 2, you can improve many fundamental skills which will be useful in real life, namely: analyzing diverse situations, predicting the development of events, attention to detail, developing tactical and strategic thinking, and so on.

Also, an understanding of the specifics of the topic will be helpful to you in betting. Choosing suitable occasions, the good team, and a bookmaker providing a wide range of bets is not easy. So let’s try to puzzle out the topic directly.

Esports — the essence and main benefits to consider

Esports is a competition taking place in the world of video games and is becoming increasingly popular in the entertainment industry. Today the traditional sport in which participants gather around a video console to play their favorite, like Dota 2 has evolved over time into an organized professional activity online and captured the interest of millions of spectators.

Esports are organized into leagues and the competitions are structured in a similar way to football, basketball, tennis, or different sports tournaments. Depending on the video game, it is set to separate players or teams, which stand aimed to win titles and prize money given by developers or sponsors.

Such is the relevance the industry has reached today, there are professional players who dedicate themselves exclusively to preparation and competition and professional teams with coaches, psychologists, and staff to improve performance.

Cyber events are no longer just a child’s game. This discipline is currently filling the stadiums and engaging new fans. Besides competitions take place all over the world and are even a current topic on social media. Their expansion has led to a growing number of business models interested in promoting and creating a new system.

Origin of Esports

Actually it is not new and did not come out anywhere, the discipline has quite a long history and has evolved over the years. The 1990s saw the first steps in terms of the sector in the world of cyber occasions. At the same time, the term was coined.

The first known video game tournament was held at Stanford University in 1972 when a group of five students competed in the Spacewar. The appearance of new technologies and the spread of the Internet made Esports the structure we are acquainted with now.

General types of games to know

As you remember, Esports is not limited to monotonous, though there are different types of events to point out.

Fighting occasions

As the name suggests, fighting video games are based on close combat. These fights have a predefined time limit and the occasion ends when it is reached or when the opponent is defeated. The confrontations are visualized from the side, the character’s abilities can be selected depending on the opponent, and each match usually consists of several rounds!


This type simulates a gunfight from the perspective of a shooter, which means the player experiences the action through the eyes of his or her hero. Both a single or team take part in the occasion. Lots of online occasions allow you to create squads to defeat opposing teams!

Third-person shooting

The theme is similar to the previous one, with the difference the hero remains visible on the screen all the time. Here sometimes the elements of shooting are combined with elements of jumping, climbing, puzzles, and fighting!

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

The abbreviation corresponds to its name. These are strategy events in which two squads face each other. Each of them controls a hero whose skills improve as the competition progresses. It also allows the development of the overall strategy. The battlefield is divided into two parts, with each team having a basic structure at opposite points. The ultimate goal varies depending on the occasion, although it is usually to completely destroy an opponent’s structure or defeat all rivals. The best example of the event is Dota 2!

Real Time Strategy (RTS)

These are occasions requiring a participant to build specific and usually pre-installed units to be used to protect themselves or destroy enemies. The goal is usually to gather specific resources but may also focus on combat and conquest. Real-time strategies come from turn-based occasions. In these, players take turns developing their strategy, rather than constantly doing so throughout the match!

Sports simulators

It is about simulators of real football, basketball, tennis and other disciplines. You may find even popular events endorsed by sports federations and official leagues. In general, emphasis is placed on precision and strategy to simulate the heroes to work out speed, power, analysis, and acceleration!

Racing competitions

They are based on all kinds of motor racing competitions. While the most used cars are the most spread, there are different vehicles represented too, whether land, sea or air!


All in all, cyber sport is a hugely spread discipline with a wide range of events set around the globe. Although it appeared not so long ago, the development scope is already impressive.

Esports popularity gained everywhere

Cyber disciplines are hugely spread now. The factors which have influenced the growth are complex, the crucial of them is easy to access, to make instance, today customers can buy consoles and video games to try and train at a fairly affordable price.As a rule, the occasions present at tournaments are easy to play.

But their complexity scales, so you need a lot of talent and effort to succeed with them.

The industry has major sponsors, and its popularity among fans has not gone unnoticed by brands. In fact, many well-known technology companies have invested millions and millions in new platforms. The huge amount of money invested here let it develop faster than others.

Also, various YouTubers and bloggers who are professionally involved in here generate the visits of their subscribers. Thus many more people pay attention to such gaming.

Gaming platforms are another social network too, as modern connectivity and globalization allow participants and fans to enjoy an interconnected social life while playing or watching. It’s scientifically proven, that it has been one of the most important tools to socialize new generations, being one of the best tools to combat pandemic issues.

The other reason why it is so popular is a wide range of sporting events, for instance, Dota 2. They contain a lot of drama and contradictions. And storylines may create an engaging narrative and encourage fans and media to promote high-quality competition.

Here the best representatives are traded, sacked, and often swapped from one team to another. Sometimes an underdog walks away from title contention too, so rivalries fascinate. Also, other traditional disciplines may require tons of equipment, space, and management facilities to organize championships. The world of gaming is very different and less complex.

More advantages to mind

In the industry people can improve or acquire many skills they would not otherwise get. Here are some benefits:


Winning the competition requires cooperation, organization, and proper communication from all participants. The key is to pre-plan all elements in advance. The team is always led by a leader who stands out from the others and is responsible to make decisions both strategically and emotionally.

Creativity and skills

It happens at a certain moment the competitor has to resort to his or her creativity to solve the task ahead. So the player’s ability to overcome this difficulty under pressure and stress is valuable.


Promotion of education

On some occasions sportsmen not only face challenges and levels but also fulfill the purpose of learning. Requiring not only strategy, but the competitions also create a historical setting and become even educational.

Similarity to ordinary sports

Many video games have evolved from a simple pastime to a real challenge. The practice players need to compete is not unlike any sport with methodical training sessions and there is also the desire to improve.

Fellows to get acquainted with

These events allow you to meet people with similar interests and tastes. Sometimes communication is face-to-face or through forums, chats, or specialized websites.

Money prize funds

Participants compete not only to have entertainment or training but also for a suitable prize. The industry brings more and more millions each year, with around $20 million being distributed in prizes in annual international championships.

So it is worth trying at least to find out the people to communicate with. Also, the variety of benefits to be received (like money prizes) make it more and more attractive. There are a couple of reasons for the immense spread around the globe and each of them proves the freshness and attractiveness of the market.

Bet or not to bet? The pros to start gaining

Today, gambling is not just a hobby for adventurers, but a real opportunity to earn extra money.

The market has been around for many centuries, and its benefits are obvious. Indeed, football, horse racing, basketball, cricket, and golf are more standard and accepted disciplines of betting, but you need to understand the world does not stand still, so the market is changing and developing.

Cybersports is extremely profitable to bet on. First of all, it is due to the novelty and unknown. It is because of this, as well as simplicity and accessibility, many global investors invest incredible funds in the market. You should also understand the number and variability of betting sites and apps, as well as the stakes themselves, are huge. Let’s figure it out step by step.

Staking on standard results is very popular of punters. They allow beginners to easily participate in betting. Even experienced fans prefer to bet before the match. The option is also possible in cybersport.

Advanced punters are more likely to choose to place live stakes directly throughout the event. Live staking has several advantages over pre-match one. To give an example, in Dota 2, after spikes, you can deeply estimate a squad’s probability of winning and predict a more reliable option.

It is now hard to find a bookmaker where there is no cyber offer. Virtual disciplines are available at most bookmakers, but not all of them work well in the section. Such championships are usually simply added to big occasions and staking. Though many bookmakers focus exclusively on Esports. Here the focus is on virtual competitions, so you can find betting on any discipline.

The main types of stakes

Such gambling options do not differ much from what is given in others. The main options here are as follows:

  1. Winner prediction
    Classic options with the victory of each of the teams on the map or throughout the occasion!
  2. Handicap strategy
    A different type of result, only with an advantage. For example, a map advantage of -1.5 means the squad must win 2-0. It may also be used to get profit in the shard count. Odds can be negative or positive and to calculate the total you must add the value of the chosen bet to the total!
  3. Outcome choosing
    Do not gamble on the outcome, but on the number of selected parameters. As a handicap, the stake is used to put on the number of fragments or even time played!
  4. Others
    There are also special options appearing depending on the competition. In most disciplines, a stake is placed in the first bloodshed. You may also bet on some hero’s death, disable the round, and more!

The advantages to underline

Gamblers familiar with Dota 2 or other disciplines are free to follow the map and understand the arrangement of forces. Because of this, it’s easy to evaluate the development of the events, as well as the bookmaker, provides. The layout creates an additional benefit worth paying attention to.

Dota 2 spectators usually wait for the appearance of the squad choice and gamble after choosing the heroes. It is much easier to predict the outcome when there is information about how the lines figure out, who is performing the strongest hero, and more. Before the meeting starts, everybody may just speculate about it.

The most popular games to remember

Of course, lots of cyber entertainments exist. To specify the best ones, let’s overview the list below. The TOP choice is placed on:

  • Dota 2;
  • Fortnite;
  • League of Legends;
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive;
  • Hearthstone;
  • Overwatch;
  • Rocket League;
  • Apex Legends;
  • etc.

According to Dota 2, here two squads face each other with the intention of destroying the rival structures. Each of them consists of 5 members and each must choose one hero of 113 different ones. The heroes have certain characteristics that ultimately determine the strategies to be followed throughout the match.

The game distributed by Steam has over forty million users connecting almost completely daily.

So the pros of cyberworld gambling are evident. But before digging into the case, it’s better to find where to place the first stake.

How to bet on Esport effectively

The modern world is full of companies with a variety of offices that provide first-class services. Many bookmakers offer convenient websites and mobile applications that further simplify the process. Thus it doesn’t take much to be successful in the market.

Firstly, pay attention to the gambling agency itself. Not every bookmaker is good for you. One of the best tips, in this case, is to choose a company that meets your needs and vision.
To choose a good bookmaker, first, go to the official website and find the appropriate section with official documentation. Only legal and verified companies guarantee the safety of personal data (both passport and payment data).

Do not forget about the presence of cyber disciplines among the offers. Although the market is actively developing, not all bookmakers have understood the rules of the game, so be sure to check the availability of bets on the selected event.

Next, start analyzing what exactly you are given. On our website, you can also find tips on how to choose the suitable offer and what you should avoid, but in general, never forget to take into account the coefficients.

The terms of payment of winnings and various bonuses also play a significant role.

Let's still get acquainted with the top bookmakers and their features!



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So, we got acquainted with the best companies that offer Esports betting in India. Each of them has its own advantages, but when choosing, you should choose exactly the office where you will be satisfied with absolutely everything. Keep security in mind, so never register or use platforms that are not legal or licensed.

The security of personal data is crucial, no matter what you are going to stake — Dota 2 or League of Legends.

TOP tips for cyber gambling

If you are ready to be the best punter in India, it’s time to puzzle out the tips for successful betting.

In order to become a serious and professional capper, underline some essential aspects. One of the most suitable tips is to lead a strategy. Follow the step:

Choose a suitable bookmaker

To start staking you should register with a licensed site, otherwise you run the risk of being deceived, and even if you guess the outcome correctly, you won’t be able to withdraw the winnings.

Although the tip seems to be the most basic requirement for any gambler, many beginners have no idea where to start. Look through the ones written out above. A great platform should have low margins, excellent odds, and almost no betting restrictions.

While it may seem like a daunting task, it is in your interest to compare several companies and choose one that suits your needs!

Seek and learn more

Research is vital in any market you enter. If you’re a real fan, you’ll spend hours watching professional teams compete against each other. But you should never take knowledge for granted.
An in-depth study requires a thorough understanding of the mechanics of the game and how one squad performs against another.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the strategy used by all the TOP representatives competing in the championship!

Making money takes long-term

Successful betting requires a long-term strategy. Of course, a few punters easily win because they get lucky. If you are serious about staking, you need to measure how many you get right and how many you don’t. After that, analyze the losses to figure out what went wrong. Then adjust the offers based on your own results, maximizing winnings to make money efficiently!

Prefer big events and overweight stakes

If you want to optimize a bankroll, you should use a special method or scheme in your betting. Keep in mind that you should prioritize events and adjust bids accordingly. You should not gamble too much on an underdog, even if your favorite is part of the team.

But if it has a good reputation and has been winning a lot lately, you will probably want to invest more cash on the occasion!

Don’t place too much on the same game

Even if you’re new to such betting, you know that it’s a bad idea to put on every game, as you won’t always find odds that offer positive value. You should choose carefully, based on the odds provided on the site and your general knowledge!

Don’t look to have quick mega winnings

New punters prefer selecting high odds and immediately placing on the underdog just because they want to make a big profit quickly. In fact, the odds are based solely on probability, thus they represent an estimate by the bookmaker of what will happen.

The higher the odds, the less likely a squad is to win. Never stake based on the bookmaker’s odds. Instead, you should calculate the odds yourself, taking into account all the knowledge you have about the rivals!

Don’t place on your favorite

Finally, one last tip is to avoid profiting on your favorite. Just because you like the competitor or your intuition says it will win as a rule doesn’t mean you are right. Always make decisions based on facts.

So use tips if you’re just starting to delve into the topic. Do not think that winning will simply fall from the sky, on the contrary, every victory is the result of hard and thoughtful work. Fortune does not always follow you, protect the earnings by using different strategies, which, by the way, you can find out in other articles on our site.

To conclude: what is Esports betting about?

Cyber disciplines are not just interesting and exciting visual games, now it is a whole series of recognized sports competitions and championships, in which world-famous performers take part, then receive significant prize awards.

Today it is no longer just an opportunity to relax at home at the computer. You can earn money from your hobby by making predictions about the results of such championships.

Don’t be afraid to start — the presence of a large number of offers and a variety of companies allow you to constantly try and find alternatives in search of the best option. Earn and enjoy!