PSG.LGD — a leader in the Dota 2 world

Dota 2 is one of the most widely spread video games all around the globe.

Previously, it was believed that computer games are a great alternative to leisure time and a good hobby. Today everything has changed. Esports has become a real and completely independent industry, in which this game is a special discipline. If you are a fan of it, you have surely heard about PSG.LGD at least once.

But what is it? Who is part of it? What are the squad’s achievements? Let’s deal with everything step by step.

The origin or how it was created

PSG.LGD is a professional Dota 2 team from China. Firstly it was created in 2009 with the name LGD Dota 2 division, but exactly in 2018 as a result of a partnership between Paris Saint Germain Esports (a famous football club called Paris Saint Germain) and LGD Gaming (a prominent Chinese gaming company) the squad we know today was born.

The first roster was the ForTheDream squad. The club switched to this game in 2012: after a brief training in the new game and a successful conclusion of the season, it received an invitation to The International 2012, where it placed third.

The line-up is still remembered by former fans of the team but changed after an unsuccessful result at The International 2013.

The new sponsor is aimed to develop the club in the Asian market and conquer the world industry, so Paris Saint Germain is pioneering again by becoming the first major European club to invest in the scene in China.

Soon after the creation of PSG.LGD the players achieved enormous results. In May 2018 the squad won their first international championship at Major in Russia. The instant success was achieved by winning the next Major in China of the 2017-2018 Dota Pro Circuit, which helped players earn a direct invitation to The International 2018 and then to win second place there (after the OG squad).

PSG.LGD performance till 2021

In the 2017-2018 season the crew played in 11 tournaments, most of them qualifiers, and despite it was not easy to be a part of a huge championships system, it succeeded. The squad scored in six tournaments and finished in the TOP three in the final majors of the season.


Best achievements in 2017-2018

Year Tournament Result
2017 Open in Bucharest The second place
2017 Perfect World Masters TOP 9-10
2017 MDL Macau The eighth place
2017 DOTA Summit 8 TOP 8-9
2018 StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 4  The second place
2018 Dota 2 Asia Championships  The second place
2018 EPICENTER XL The first place
2018 MDL Changsha Major  The first place
2018 China Dota 2 Super Major The third place


PSG.LGD posted their best result so far in the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 seasons. The lineup with Ame, Somnus, Chalice, fy and xNova became the EPICENTER XL and MDL Changsha Major champion and the TOP favorite for The International 2018.

OG players became the champions of this tournament and the International 2019, but the crew fought with dignity, winning silver and bronze respectively in these championships.

In 2020, the playing shape of the guys started to decline: in relatively big tournaments, it won only the first and second seasons of the Chinese Professional League. But to talk about serious achievements, we need to overview the 2022 season, because a pandemic has changed the fixtures.

PSG.LGD performance 2022-2023

In general the crew has played 303 matches with 2016 victories since it was established. In 2022 it played 56 games, whereas 21 games were played not so long ago and 17 of them ended with a win for PSG.LGD. The squad’s win rate in the last months is more than 80%, which is much better than the overall win rate.

Matches for the current season

Date Rival Outcome Scores
05/08/2022 Fnatic Victory 2
06/08/2022 Team Liquid Victory 2
06/08/2022 Quincy Crew Draw 1
07/08/2022 Outsiders Victory 2
07/08/2022 Royal Never Give Up Victory 2
08/08/2022 Thunder Awaken Victory 2
09/08/2022 Boom Esports Victory 2
11/08/2022 OG Victory 2
13/08/2022 Team Spirit Victory 2
14/08/2022 Team Spirit Defeat 1


As you can see, the squad shows extremely high performance: just one loss in 10 matches, PSG.LGD is just something incredible. Now it is in very good shape, and the players are giving their best 100%, so we can count the guys as true leaders and one of the TOP crews.

To prove it again, let’s overview the TOP awards and titles the squad has gained until today. Here is a table with the most valuable winnings for these players. It would take a long time to list all the achievements of this Chinese team, for statistics in short.

Tournament  Place Prize
OGA Dota PIT S4 Result 2nd $32,490
China Pro Cup S2 4th $9,121
CDA-FDC S2 1st $30,364
CDA-FDC 1st $29,861
OGA Dota PIT S3 2nd $19,494
China Pro Cup S1 1st $40,000
OGA Dota PIT S2 7th $2,997
DPL-CDA S2 4th $14,128
BEYOND EPIC Result 4th $5,000
ESL One Birmingham 2020 1st $20,000
China Pro League S2 1st $111,832
DPL-CDA S1 2nd $27,401
OGA Dota PIT S1 2nd $13,000
CDA League 3rd $20,145
ESL One Los Angeles 2020 6th $2,000
China Pro League S1 1st $112,659
World Pro Invitational Singapore. 9th $5,000
The International IX 3rd $3,083,401
EPICENTER Major 5th $60,000
ESL One Birmingham 2019 3rd $35,000
MDL Disneyland Paris Major 4th $80,000
DreamLeague S11 5th $60,000
The Chongqing Major  4th $80,000
DPL S6 4th $10,160
MegaFon Winter Clash 3rd $30,000
The Kuala Lumpur Major 5th $60,000
PVP Esports Championship 3rd $20,000
The International VIII 2nd $4,078,554


All in all the crew is enormously strong, lots of played championships stayed successful and brought big amounts of the money prize fund. If you are ready to start betting, choose these players and you will surely receive a profit.

Current roaster PSG.LGD for 2022-2023

Before moving on to today’s lineup, let’s remember how it has changed. Until 2018, the team was not like that, as it was subordinate only to the Chinese company, but after signing the partnership with Paris Saint Germain rapid changes began to occur, which affected the success of the players and the squad as a whole.

In 2014, the legendary player Somnus, also known as Maybe, who still plays for the club, joined the crew for the first time. Admittedly, he did not play in The International 2014 as he was the captain of the second LGD.CDEC list and the main division ranked 5-6.

Due to other unsatisfactory results, the squad was overcome by painful reorganizations that resulted in Somnus being promoted to the main squad. Gaining critical mass by winning the third season of the i-League and the 2015 G-League, the boys excelled at The International 2015 finishing third and earning over two million dollars.

At the end of 2017, Bowl and C.M. joined Team MAX and CDEC Gaming to take up the off leader and curry positions respectively. This forced fy to return to his support duties and Ame to become inactive. But it didn’t work out and there were more changes.

Later Sea Mew returned to CDEC Gaming and Ame took his place when Yao was moved to Forever Young and xNova joined as support. After the announcement of a partnership with Paris Saint-Germain, one of China’s strongest teams, marking the first time such a major European football club has crossed regions and entered the scene. Let’s overview the next roaster.

2018-2019 roaster

Nick Name Position
Ame Wang Chunyu 1
Somnus Lu Yao 2
Chalice Yang Shenyi 3
fy Xu Linsen 4
xNova Yap Jian Wei 5


2020-2022 roaster

Nick Name Position
Ame Wang Chunyu 1
NothingToSay Cheng Jin Xiang 2
Faith_bian Zhang Ruida 3
XinQ Zhao Zixing 4
y Zhang Yiping 5


So, the composition of the crew is pretty stable. Though it has changed significantly after reforming the team and starting cooperation with the aforementioned company. The team’s players are considered among the strongest in the world. so it’s no surprise that the squad has a bunch of awards.

Schedule for the 2022-2023 season

It is one of the most titled crews in the world, as the 2022 season just proved. Now the players have performed all the matches in August 2022 and there is no schedule or any fixtures for the next competitions yet. We do not stop monitoring for updates, so we will work to provide information about the changes.

Quick analysis — strengths and weaknesses to consider

According to the gaming style, earlier the crew was a fan of slow playing, which sometimes was even boring and lazy, the same as the final between Newbee and Vici Gaming lead to give an instance. But these are shadows of the past, the truth is that now the team PSG.LGD is accustomed to playing fast and effectively.

Players are considered experienced professionals, so they managed to form the right game model and establish absolutely fast and effective communication. Also one of the advantages of the crew is the fact they perform with strong heroes.

Hero Victories Winning percentage
Razor 7 71%
Earthshaker 6 83%
Chen 6 100%
Tiny 5 100%
Dazzle 5 80%
Death Prophet 5 80%
Enchantress 4 100%
Pangolier 4 75%
Tusk  4 45%
Puck 3 100%
Viper 3 100%
Alchemist 3 67%


So it’s a perfect option to start betting. But before you should dig deeper into the topic. Let’s establish the advantages and disadvantages to know to bet with gainings.


  • fast playing;
  • huge experience;
  • stable crew;
  • skilled roster;
  • high frequency of performance;
  • etc.


  • defeating 2017 year, which disoriented players for some time;
  • etc.

Concluding, if to form strict highlights of the squad’s strengths and weaknesses, it’s obvious they are the rival newcomers would want to deal with. Lots of skills and capacities give them a backdrop to move on.

How to bet on PSG.LGD in tournaments?

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Short summary to conclude

So PSG.LGD is a very cool Chinese team, deservedly considered one of the leaders in the discipline of Dota 2. Enjoying the performance of players is very simple and pleasant, and it is even more pleasant to receive benefits. An excellent solution is betting on various sites. Believe in yourself. learn and become! Good luck!


Ame seems to be one of the strongest Dota 2 players on the planet. His ingenious decisions throughout the game bring about the most victories.

Now in China, they are unconditionally the first 1 in all rankings. It is hard to determine in the world now there are few rankings because of pandemic issues, but these guys should be in the top 5 or even the TOP 3.

Of course, lately, Betway has signed a partnership agreement with gamers.