Dota 2 Pro Circuit and optimal betting strategies in 2023

Sitting at home, using a computer, and earning money in one place – all this seems unrealistic. Computer games have not caused any other association before, except for addiction. Everything has changed today. By devoting time to online fun, a person opens up opportunities on earning money.

Many various online computer games in the modern world allow people to enjoy the game process and make money in their favorite pastimes. Dota found its development in the early 2000s. The developers wanted to create the best tactical game with RPG elements. Since 2009, an active process of registering developers has begun.

A year later, the trademark was officially registered, and the release took place in 2013. This is how the most popular tactical game of the modern world was born.

Along with the development of the era of technological progress, the rapid growth of the online betting industry began. It was then that the players realized all importance and pleasure of betting.

After the first triumphant cash wins in gambling, people began to pay more attention to the world of online betting on computer games. There was an interest in the theoretical and practical components of the activities.

What is Dota Pro Circuit

Dota Pro Circuit is a series of professional tournaments for the Dota 2 computer game. The official organizer of the championship is Valve together with financial partners. Back in 2017, Valve decided to make changes to the game season criteria.

The criteria are used to qualify for The International, the world’s premier tournament. Valve has selected independent championships that are held throughout the year. The prize fund for the matches was at least half a million dollars.

The new professional championship determines the Dota 2 teams that will be awarded the right to participate in The International. In the same 2017, some adjustments were made, namely the permission granted to the coaches of all teams to be present during the selection of heroes and strategies for matches.

At the end of the strategic time, the coach leaves the team.

Rules for earning points in a tournament season

Each season of DPC includes twenty-two offline competitions geographically located around the world. Competitions are classified into two groups – majors and minors. Majors in total nine, minors – thirteen.

Each major competition gives you the opportunity to play one and a half thousand points and almost a million dollars in prize money. There is one exception – China Supermajor, where the fund is one and a half million dollars and the number of points is increased to 2250.

Minors, in turn, play 300 points and 300 thousand dollars. Here, too, there is an exception, where the number of points reaches 400, and the cash prize is 400 thousand.

Since the team consists of five players, points are given to all players equally. The team won 150 points, so each player gets 150 points. When moving from one crew to another, the points go to the athlete.

Pro Circuit in the 2021-2022 season

The format of the competition in the last season remained the same. One exception was that the number of tours increased from two to three. Traditionally, there is a blocking of lineups from the beginning to the end of the regional league.

This season, such blocking took place on November 21. The completion of the third round means that 12 teams will advance to The International on points. As in previous seasons, there were no open qualifiers.

But there were open qualifying rounds. In January 2022, the organizers announced that teams from the second and third place will be eligible to compete in last chance qualifiers before the main championship. This determines who will take the last two places in the group stage of The International.

Holding a regional league

The Regional League consists of two sections of eight teams. In the final season, each league lasted 6 weeks. The prize fund of each regional league tournament is about 300 thousand dollars. The fund is divided into two divisions – 200 thousand and 100 thousand in the first and second sections, respectively.

Majors 2021-2022

The participants of the majors of the final season were determined as follows:

  • 4 teams from Western Europe and China;
  • 3 teams from Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia;
  • 2 clubs from North America and South America!

The top 4 teams advance to the upper bracket of the playoffs. All other clubs go to the lower bracket. The peculiarity of the last time was that the first major was canceled, and the points for it were redistributed to the second and third majors.

The brightest and most memorable teams of the last season

We have already said that leagues are held in two divisions. During the competition of two divisions, experts identified the brightest Top 5 leading crews in the last 2021-2022 season.

Division Date Club Points scored Prize fund
Major 2022 August 2022 PSG.LGD 1500 $500 000
Division 1 July 2022 Team Aster 300 $205 000
Division 1 June 2022 OG 350 $205 000
Division 1 May 2022 Royal Never Give Up 350 $102 500
Division 2 April 2022 DEC 175 $75 000
Division 2 June 2022 Alpha 250 $75 000


The best clubs have already appeared in the top results and media headlines more than once. We are sure that in the upcoming period they will also show themselves.

The main schedule of events for the 2023 season

All esports fans are looking forward to the upcoming Pro Circuit season like every year. The upcoming 2022-2023 period will bring very bright and unforgettable events. The organizers have already drawn up and presented a schedule of esports meetings soon.

In August 2022, the organizing company Valve announced a new esports period. The main difference will be the reduction in the duration of regional leagues – instead of 6 weeks, there will be 3 weeks. This decision was long overdue. The company listened to the clubs and made the format compact.

The break between seasons was extended by a month. This change will allow clubs to have more time for training, rest, and serious decisions.

Valve also wants to push back The International a bit, shifting the dates to the end of the summer, as it was before the coronavirus pandemic. The latest plans are still in development, as there have been no official announcements.

Stage Date of holding
Open qualifiers 11-13 December 2022
Closed qualifiers 14-15 December 2022
League 1 – Division 1 January 2023
League 1 – Division 2 January – February
League 2 – Division 1 March – April
League 2 – Division 2 April
League 3 – Division 1 May – June
League 3 – Division 2 June
Majors #1 February – March
Majors #2 April – May
Majors #3 June РJuly 

Due to the announced schedule of dates, clubs can apply for participation in major esports tournaments in the Pro Circuit 2022/2023 until August 25. Until the end of August, Valve decides on the consideration of applications and by the end of September announces the official participants.

Top clubs participating in Pro Circuit Championship seasons

Over several seasons of esports tournaments, rating lists have formed the top crews that are most remembered by viewers and bettors. Recent periods have allowed experts and viewers to identify clubs for themselves:

  1. VGJ.Thunder;
  2. OG;
  3. PSG.LGD, who became the champion of the 2021-2022 period;
  4. Team Spirit;
  5. Team Aster;
  6. Royal Never Give Up;
  7. Team Secret!

The formation of a rating list of all the best representatives of the upcoming championship plays a very important role not only in favour of loyal fans but also in bettors. A very important feature of the Pro Circuit betting process is a clear and sober analysis of the best clubs.

This allows you to highlight the favourites and outsiders in upcoming events. Gamblers have ample opportunities concerning winning bets on eSports, which entails big cash prizes and triumphant victories.

Why is it profitable to bet on the Dota Pro Circuit

With the rise of the age of the Internet and technology, the field of online game betting, especially Dota 2, began to develop rapidly. Today, cyber fans have many opportunities to spend the desired amount of time enjoying the game itself.

Professional bettors spend this time analyzing profitable betting strategies concerning the same games. Bookmakers have not disregarded the esports sector. Companies offer customers very attractive and profitable painting lines that cannot be resisted.

The most common types of bets on cybergames tournaments

In such a sports discipline as esports, Dota 2, there are a lot of different bets. There are plenty to choose from:

  • Outcome winner;
  • Map winner;
  • Total maps;
  • Number of maps;
  • Total kills;
  • Long-term bids!

The most common type of prediction is the outcome. Bookmakers allow you to bet on the winner of the entire map in Dota 2, or on the winner of the match (in cases of playing to win in several maps).

Predictions of total maps. There are matches between clubs on several maps. The player predicts the number of such maps. If athletes play up to 3 wins, then the predictions look like a total of more than three and a half maps and less than three and a half maps.

There are also predictions of total kills. Predictions include the number of kills on the map. Total minutes is another popular bet. The player predicts the possible duration of the match in minutes.

The most interesting predictions are long-term rates. In major tournaments, it is especially common to do them. Long-term predictions are an analysis of the possible winner of the entire championship. The Dota Pro Circuit Championship accepts bets only in cash, unlike other esports disciplines where predictions are accepted in skins.

The special importance of odds

Most bookmakers offer their customers fairly high eSports bets. The Pro Circuit Championship is no exception. Any gambler should understand how to correctly analyze the odds and navigate them.

Thanks to the knowledge of the odds, the gambler has the ability to make a sober assessment of the upcoming situation with high accuracy. Do not forget about the factors that affect the change in odds.

Useful tips to help beginners

If you have already decided to connect your life with esports, you need some help. Working help consists of useful tips on choosing a strategy, type of bet and features of activities. Dota 2 matches have their own characteristics.

Given them, you will make a profitable prediction. As for the most important recommendations in activities during 2023, the following can be indicated:

  • Serious attitude to business – be especially serious about choosing a bookmaker. Read the required information carefully. Check out the reviews of experienced gamblers;
  • Competent behavior with money – do not make a prediction concerning the entire fund at once. The first game is quite a small amount. Increase the amount of money as you gain experience and confidence;
  • Focus on major tournaments – Pro Circuit Championship is a highly recommended event. In large cases, it is difficult to lose;
  • Pick top favorites – betting on underdogs has never been profitable. Analyze who wins the most. The probability of another victory for such clubs is greater. Better results entail profitable predictions!

Everything elementary is simple. There are no secret materials in the tips on profitable games. A sober analysis and a reasonable approach to business will do all the work.

Still, doubting your betting decision?

We are sure that after reading the above material, you have no doubts about starting a career as a gambler. Esports is a great place to start an action. The Dota Pro Circuit Championship will open up incredible online earning opportunities for bettors.

Bookmakers will guide you into the world of pleasure. Rather, make a choice in favour of a reliable bookmaker, decide the type of bet that is comfortable concerning your activities and start acting right now. The Esports prize has been waiting for its owner.