The International 2023 Profitable Betting

Cybersports are firmly entrenched in the life of modern society. Young people spend many hours in a row playing their favorite computer games. Some of them have become insanely popular, garnering an audience of millions. This motivated the community to organize tournaments based on them. The International is the most prominent example!

Dota 2 is a competitive multiplayer MOBA game. No wonder Dota 2 has become the basis of the largest eSports tournament in history. Every year TI gathers fans from all over the world and gives them unforgettable emotions and bright moments.

Few people know that apart from emotions, eSports provide an opportunity to earn money. Betting on big matches and favorite teams is a great chance to show your knowledge and fill your pockets as soon as possible!

You do not need academic knowledge or large initial investments, only your interest and desire to try new things! Are you confident in your abilities? Let’s find out together how you can earn money at the upcoming International 2023!

What is The International

There are currently a dozen major Dota 2 tournaments around the world. Some of them belong to the so-called major tournaments. But the diamond in the crown is Dota 2 TI. There are many reasons explaining the state of affairs. The following is a detailed story about the main aspects of the tournament and the reasons for its popularity!

The Early History

Since 2011, fans have been witnessing the largest eSports event in the world. The first championship was organized in Cologne, Germany. Even at that time, it was obvious that TI will easily win its audience. There were several reasons for this. First of all, a huge prize pool.

A fund of 1.6 million dollars was prepared for the participating teams in 2011. An unprecedented amount for an event like this. Secondly, an enormous amount of excitement from the audience. A little pause here.

Dota 2 game is a continuation of one of the user modes, which were present in the legendary Warcraft 3. At the time of the first tournament company, developer Valve had not yet released the game. This event online broadcast gathered hundreds of thousands of viewers from around the world.

That is, one company’s reputation and nostalgia for the old game was able to convince fans of the relevance of such an event. Not surprisingly, Valve has worked on its mistakes and continued to organize championships in the following years.

As of now, Dota 2 TI has been held every year since 2011 until today. The next event in 2023 will be held in Singapore in mid-fall. So every gamer has an opportunity to get ready for Dota 2 TI betting and earn good money on it!

Main Features and Rules

Starting in 2012, Valve decided to add a regional qualification match stage, in which the best teams represented in a particular part of the world participate. A certain number of squads receive direct invitations.

The selection occurs through a system of Dota Pro Circuit, which is responsible for the score of players during the offseason. After the final selection of players, schedules and standings are created.

In the final stage of the tournament, 16 squads compete for the leading positions. The group stage helps to identify favorites and divide the participants into upper and lower grids. A team is eliminated from the tournament after two losses.

But the most interesting is the grand final. There are the best two participants competing for the main prize – Aegis of Champions and the biggest prize. The Aegis is a shield made of bronze and silver with the names of the winners engraved on it. The final match may contain up to five games and lasts until three victories by one of the sides!

For gamblers, each stage of the competition is of great interest. After all, the qualifying round and the group stage, and the grand final are presented on the websites of all major bookmakers. And the odds and betting limits often exceed even the finals of soccer championships!

The Last Tournament

The tenth anniversary of TI was the biggest event of the whole season in the world of eSports. Initially, it was planned to gather the squads in Stockholm at the end of summer. But due to problems with the venue owners, Valve chose another city – Bucharest, Romania.

Therefore, October 2021 for two weeks turned the Romanian capital also in the center of world eSports. The number of online viewers who watched the live streams was impressive – about 2 million! Also, bookmakers provide interesting statistics, indicating the total amount of bets, which also reached almost a million dollars!

18 sides from around the world took part in Dota 2 TI. They included experienced and veteran players such as, Team Secret, Alliance, and others. On a par with them competed for dark horses, such as the Brazilian SG esports.

It is important for gamers to know the names of all the competitors and their skills in order to analyze the situation properly. That’s why you can find the results table of the 2021 tournament below.

Place Team’s Name Prize
1 TSpirit $18,208,000
2 PSG.LGD $5,202,000
3 Secret $3,601,600
4 IG $2,401,000
5 VG $1,400,600
6 VP 1,400,600
7 OG 1,000,400
8 T1 1,000,400
9 Alliance $800,300
10 EG $800,300
11 Fnatic $800,300
12 QCY $800,300
13 Aster $600,273
14 BC $600,200
15 Elephant $600,200
16 UND $600,200
17 SG $100,045
18 ThunderA $100,045

From the data in this table you can conclude which squads are the favorites in the next season. So if you want to get into Dota 2 TI betting, spend a little extra time looking at the information about them!

Season 2023 Fixtures

The 2022 tournament will be groundbreaking in many ways. From October 8 to 30, Singapore will host 30 sides at once, including 12 squads from the last qualifying matches. The playoffs will be played in two different stadiums and will feature 20 squads, not 18 as was the case last season.

So far, there is no information about the schedule of the playoff stage. But Valve has already pleased fans with the list of qualifying matches. Which will also be held in Singapore and will be open for visiting and wagering!

The First Side The Second Side Date
X3 Team Unique 03.09.2022
Cybercats Hydra 03.09.2022
Outsiders Pari Parni 03.09.2022
PuckChamp Mınd Games 03.09.2022
Infamous Ravens 03.09.2022
NaVi HellRaisers 03.09.2022
No Runes SG e-sports 03.09.2022
One Move BetBoom Team 03.09.2022
Hokori Wolf Team 03.09.2022
Infinity Esports Team Tempest 04.09.2022
Team Fusion Saiyan 08.09.2022
RNG Ybb Gaming 08.09.2022
Vici Gaming Aster.Aries 08.09.2022
Ehome CDEC Gaming 08.09.2022
Invictus Gaming Xtreme Gaming 08.09.2022
Soniqs Felt 08.09.2022
Wildcard Gaming The Cut 09.09.2022
KBU.US Nouns 09.09.2022
Xerxia TNC Predator 13.09.2022

We already know the odds for all events from the major bookmakers, so you have the opportunity to figure out for yourself and identify the favorites and outsiders!

Top Dota 2 TI Teams

To be a professional gambler it is necessary to understand which squads initially have a better chance of success. So far there are no clear sides in the upcoming season, but we can make some assumptions. Let’s take a look at the current favorites!


Pretty experienced squad from China, founded in 2017. Haven’t had the honor of taking the lead at major tournaments yet, but have recruited a couple of interesting players ahead of next season. Also, it is interesting that the winning percentage of the team is as much as 60%, which is an extremely good indicator!


The real pioneers, who participated back in the first seasons of Dota 2 TI. They are of great interest to the wagering because they show good results every year!


It is the clear favorite in 2021, only slightly behind the champions. A Chinese side that has been on the leaderboard for several years and is one of the most profitable in history. Gamblers should definitely pay attention to them!

Team Spirit

The squad from Russia, took first place in 2021 and took home more than eighteen million dollars. It is worth noting that before that their results were more modest. Was the previous championship the beginning of their dominance or a one-time success? Check it out!

Team Secret

European squad, has consistently won the prize for many years. Their squad is constantly changing but always shows great results. They are perfect for betting on season 2022!
In order to achieve stable earnings on gambling, you should carefully review the statistics and features of all the favorites. Only in this way, you will be confident in your knowledge and make the right choice at the right moment!

Why The International Betting is Profitable?

People have been betting on sports for thousands of years. Over the years, this activity has replaced a real job for many people. Now they live their lives to their satisfaction, spending only a couple of hours a day analyzing the current situation and placing bets. You can do it too!

To get a result and make your first profit, The International is the best fit. After all, it provides the necessary liquidity in the market, and with it, the bookmakers raise the odds and betting limits. You have an opportunity to enjoy a great gaming experience from the leading squads of the world and also earn a good amount of money!

Popular Betting Types

Most often, people bet on the winner, calculating which side has a better chance of winning the match. But there are other equally interesting options that are unique to betting on Dota 2 TI as a unique sport!

Wagering on the first kill. It’s hard to guess how the situation will turn out and who will seize the initiative in the first minutes. But looking at the statistics we can make a similar assumption!

Betting on the highest number of kills. Taking the opponent out of the game more than his opponent did does not guarantee victory. But bookmakers willingly bet on this indicator, too!
The winner of the tournament. Everyone wants to know who will take the place of the champion and go home with the Aegis of the Champions. You can join the community and try your luck!

On the site of a particular bookmaker you can find many times more options, but here are listed the most popular of them!

Types of Odds

Bookmakers offer the user different odds options. There are several dozen of them around the world, but only two are popular. We are talking about the European and British odds. How to read them:

The European form looks like a decimal fraction and is not difficult to understand. The lower the number indicated, the more people think the side is a potential winner. Conversely, the higher the number, the less chance the squad has, but the potential win increases markedly!

The British view looks like a regular fraction. Let’s look at an example! Suppose you see a picture like this “5 / 6”. The smaller the left side, the more chances the side has, and vice versa. As you can see, also nothing complicated!

It is important for gamblers to understand the odds because they are a good tool for analysis. Every day you should watch the results of the matches, the winners of the tournaments, and the statistics of the players, but from the very beginning, you should pay attention to the odds. This will help you calculate your potential profits and make a better prediction!

Short Wagering Tips

Professional gamblers use a large number of different strategies in their predictions. But for beginners, only a few of them should be understood!

Create a trading strategy. The most important thing in gambling is to use the rules and follow them without fail. Over time, you will understand which aspects are better to look at and at which moments you are most productive. Understanding this and using a strategy allows you to be ready for the most unexpected occasions!

Take advice from professionals. Many experienced people share their knowledge in the public domain. You can see their predictions on almost every upcoming match!

Set your limits. Remember that gambling has its risks. Respect your wallet and do not let it go empty because of your carelessness. Do not invest in transactions more money than you’re willing to lose!

Let’s Start Your Betting Journey!

Betting on eSports and Dota 2 TI, among others, will make you a successful person. All it takes is attention, knowledge, and a bit of luck. The International 2023 is coming and you have a chance to meet a real professional! Good luck to you and successful deals!