Esports gain more and more popularity every year, engaging new gamers and new youth authority.

It has lots of benefits for youth, compared with traditional sports: esport is based on videogames, which are so popular among the new generation; it doesn`t need a special physical form for playing it; and it is not necessary to be a famous team to take part in worldwide championships.

The most popular branch in esport is Dota 2, which is a good chance for playing, watching, and betting in India and worldwide, especially in the upcoming 2023 year.

Why Dota 2 is so popular in the world?

Dota 2 is a legendary computer game, which belongs to the multiplayer online battle arena genre. It has a lot of cool features for which many people love this game:

  • big variety of characters for playing;
  • every character has its own history, unique properties, and abilities and you can choose which one of the characters will be yours;
  • cool graphics and special effects, which help to feel all the atmosphere of the game, it gives you new emotions from battles and keeps the game;
  • big community, where you can find new friends or form a team and take a part in competitions in the future!

Now, it is not only a cool video game for a hobby but one of the most important cyber sports of modernity. There are a lot of worldwide competitions , where teams can play, fans can watch the translation of a favorite game, and some people can even make bets and gain money!

The best Dota 2 tournaments

To gain pleasure and betting profit from Dota 2 games, you have to know which are the best in the world and most popular in India, so, here is the list:

  1. Dota 2 TI – the first Dota 2 tournament in the world, which brought this game such a popularity, it takes place every year in October, and its prize fund is $40 mln;
  2. ESL is one of the world’s largest companies, which organize matches, this year ESL organized the Stokholm Major, where 18 the best worldwide Teams will take part, and the prize is $ 500 000;
  3. Dota Pro Circuit is a five-on-five video game. The competition is composed of regional leagues, divided into two divisions. The major prize is $500 000;
  4. The Gamers Galaxy is another international tournament, which took place in Dubai in 2022, and was the largest ever esport match in Middle East North Africa with a prize of $270 000;
  5. Winlign Insight is a tournament, organized by SGL Esports. Eight teams take part in the competition, fighting for the prize of $16 000;
  6. Dream League is the most stable and long-celebrating worldwide tournament, where participate only four teams, which were the best in the Dota Pro Circuit tournament. The prize is $115 500;
  7. WePlay AniMajor was the first such event with an anime theme. The prize is $100 000!

Is it worth betting on Dota 2?

Now Dota 2 is the most popular for tournaments in cybersports, so, you can gain a lot of profit, by making bets on it. Watch translations, read reviews, analyze games and teams – and make real money on it!