What Are the Most Skillful Esports Dota 2 Players?

Sports have always attracted a lot of people. But now, with the development of technology and the industry, a separate sport has appeared associated with virtual games. Esports appeared quite recently, but after a short time, it was able to gather a huge number of fans around itself. Yes, now there are different championships and even professional crews whose job is to participate in competitions and bring victories to their own organisation.

If we talk about the most popular games, then there are several computer games that gather more fans around them. People who play these games and are professional esports sportsman can earn huge sums of money. The most popular games are Counter-Strike and Dota 2. If we talk about Dota 2, we can’t help saying that the most famous sportsman earn millions of dollars annually. But who exactly are these people? In this article, we will talk about several people who are the best sportsman in this game.

Best Esports Dota 2 Players

Wang “Ame” Chunyu

If we talk about a player who was able to gain worldwide popularity thanks to his own games, then this is definitely this person. He is a member of the PPSG.LGD crew. After joining this team, the player could not show outstanding results, but very soon he showed a really cool game. So during the Dota 2 Singapore major, thanks to his great game, the team was able to quickly rise to 4th place in the standings, overtaking even the well-known team Team Secret. During the last tournament, which is considered one of the biggest events in the world of esports, Ame was able to win for his team. This is what made him a great player.

Maroun “Gh” Merhej

This player is truly considered one of the best support sportsman in the world. Evidence of this is all his games. Thanks to his lightning-fast and successful attacks and the support of other sportsmen, the team can carry out powerful attacks and quickly fight for victory. Gh showed off his amazing skills during the WePlay AniMajor. If we talk about the character that this sportsman adores, then there is no separate option here. This sportsman prefers different characters, but he has had several successful matches for Clockwerk

Artour “Arteezy” Babaev

This sportsman is part of the Evil Geniuses team. In the previous year, this team was able to get second place in both Majors, which were held in Dota 2. Perhaps this sportsman will no longer participate in other tournaments and end his own career, which is a sportsman in Esports Dota 2, but he really showed excellentmost significant results in the previous season.

Study Their Tactics

Now you know about the top three Esports Dota 2 users. Perhaps this list will change every year, but these users have remained in the history of esports forever.