What Are the Most Beloved Esports Dota 2 Tournaments?

Esports is a wonderful activity that attracts a lot of people. Most of all, this area is interested in teenagers who love different computer games and spend a huge amount of time in front of the computer. But there are also many adults who actually love to play games in the evenings after work. So they can relax and have fun. Remembering childhood and playing new or good old computer games is a tradition for many people.

But there are also many who enjoy not only their own gameplay but also watching others play. Now there are many championships and competitions broadcast live. Yes, you can watch your favorite match at any time. But still, the most beautiful matches can be seen only during the largest tournaments. That is why users should view these events. In this article, we will talk about some of the most famous Esports Dota 2 tournaments.

Most Popular Esports Dota 2 Competitions

The International

If you are interested in the world of Virtual Dota 2 and the world of esports in general, you must know about this tournament. This is the most grandiose championship held by Dota 2 every year. It is known not only among users who are interested in this computer game but also among those who play other games. This is because a lot of celebrities in the world of eSports gather here. All the most famous teams in Dota 2 compete with each other for the right to become the champion of the tournament. Each team that was able to achieve such a result leaves its mark on the history of this game. It is also worth saying that the prize pool is impressive. The total prize pool is over $1 million.

WePlay AniMajor

Another famous event in the world of this game is WePlay AniMajor. This is a tournament organised almost every year by one of the most famous esports organisations in the world. This sporting event is hosted by WePlay. This is a company that broadcasts computer games. They also own their teams and provide other services related to this area. It is worth adding that every year more than 10 million people watch this event online, which is a truly impressive number.

Dota 2 Major

This is the third-largest tournament that brings together almost all professional organisations and teams that play this game. Users will be pleased and even amazed by the huge number of famous and professional players who have become participants in this tournament. It is also an excellent opportunity to watch the game of real professionals.

Move and Watch One Competition!

Now that you already know some of the most famous tournaments in Esports Dota 2, you can move on to watching the matches of these competitions. You need to select one event and familiarise yourself with it.