17/18 season Thank you!

In looking back on this past year we wanted to take a moment and thank the VGJ.Storm team that brought us on this incredible journey that culminated in a TI8 7/8th place finish. When we started this organization in September of 2017, attending TI felt like a hoop dream. To come 1st in the World Cyber Arena North America Finals, 1st in the GESC: Thailand Dota Minor, 2nd in the MDL Changsha Major, 1st in The International 2018 North America Qualifier, and 1st in The International 2018 Group B in our first year is something we are extremely grateful for. So we wanted to take a moment to remember, reflect, and thank all those involved in helping us achieve these incredible accomplishments.


The above is in no way a reflection of where we are going in the upcoming season. We are currently in the midst of the post-TI roster shuffle and fully intend to field a team for the upcoming season. We will comment on this as soon as we have news to share.


KBBQ - Jack Chen (Dota Team Director). Jack the Ancient. Is there anyone in the world who loves Dota more than Jack? This man lives and breathes Dota from morning to night. He has no worldly needs besides a floor to sleep on, something to fill his belly, and Dota. Bringing Jack in to manage the Dota team means he channeled all his love for the game to help the team be successful and win many Dota games. We were honored to have him on the journey this past year.


Clairvoyance - Aaron Kim (Dota Coach). Clair the Jack-of-all-trades. There is nobody who adapted more and sacrificed more throughout the course of the year to support every player we brought in. Aaron is a coach who cares deeply about the players and wants them to be successful.


Resolut1on - Roman Fominok (Position 1/2 player). Roman the student. Roman joined us late into the journey but was a vital part of our success. Coming in with an incredible resume, Roman also came with a remarkable hunger to learn and grow. He adapted well to the players around him and uplifted their gameplay while staying true to himself.


YS - Yawar Hassan (Position 1/2 player). Yawar the grinder. He is by far the quietest of the group but he made the sacrifice to talk and express himself more to see this team be successful. This was an explosive growth year for Yawar and it’s just the beginning!


Sneyking - Jingjun Wu (Position 3 player). Sneyking the passion. His incredible drive combined with his mechanical skill was a critical component to our success this year. Sney was with VGJ.Storm from day one with our original stack, as well as our TI stack, and we’re grateful to have spent the year with him.


MSS- - Arif Anwar (Position 4 player). Mojo the foundation. MSS has the ability to completely change the course of a game unlike the majority of Position 4 players. We had to publish dedicated highlight tapes because we couldn't narrow down all the amazing plays he had in a single tournament. He was the ever-present laughter and smile on the team.


SVG - Avery Silverman (Position 5 player, Captain). Avery the charismatic leader and captain. Avery truly emits all the features in a captain that you could ask for. Avery has superb analytical prowess while drawing out the best in each player. SVJesus may be no more without his long hair, but we wouldn't take Avery any other way.


Also thanks to everyone who was with us along the journey throughout the year! We wouldn’t be where we are today without their contributions.


Stan King - Stanley Yang

FLee - Francis Lee

Ryoya - Eric Dong

Ritsu - Ravindu Kodippili

Kitrak - Karthik Rathi

monkeys-forever - Jaron Clinton

BananaSlamJamma - Brian Canavan

Timado - Enzo Gianoli

Illidan - Ilya Pivcaev


- Team VGJ

VGJ + Plair TI8 Sponsorship

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- AUGUST 13, 2018 -- VGJ is happy to announce our latest sponsor for The International 8, Plair. Plair is a blockchain-backed platform to play, watch, and talk about gaming. The platform aims to give users the tools they want cross game and ability to find true community, competition, and value creation through decentralized means. Both VGJ.Storm and VGJ.Thunder will be sporting Plair on their jerseys, in-game banners and on social media.

For more information on Plair, please visit their website at plair.life. We're thrilled to have Plair on board, and we hope to see everyone at The International very soon.

VGJ.Storm + Yabo Sports Partnership

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- August 12, 2018 -- VGJ.Storm is delighted to announce a partnership with Yabo Sports. The deal will run until the end of The International 8, and will be featured on our jerseys, in-game banners and as a name extension for all of Storm's players.

This deal strengthens our growing connection between Asia and North America, and we're excited to have Yabo Sports on board with us for the next month.

Keep an eye out for our updated TI8 jerseys in the next few days here!

VGJ Announce Merit as TI Partner

VGJ is excited to announce our newest sponsor for The International 8, Merit -- the first invite-only cryptocurrency. Merit aims to be the world’s friendliest digital currency, making it effortless to pay friends, buy goods and manage your wealth. Here’s a quick video on what Merit is and how they’re striving to be the most used currency in the world:

We’re happy to have Merit on board for both VGJ.Storm and VGJ.Thunder’s ride through The International 8. You can check out more from their website, merit.me.

Be on the lookout for more content from VGJ leading up to TI, and thanks for your support!

VGJ.Storm Meet & Greet and Showmatch

VGJ.Storm and the NYC flagship Microsoft Store are excited to bring New York Dota fans a community event on August 7th from 5-8pm ET. A meet & greet, signing session and an online showmatch versus OpTic Gaming at the state-of-the-art eSports and Gaming Studio are all on the agenda as we ramp up preparations for The International 8. It will be a great opportunity for us to meet up with our local fans before the team heads to Vancouver.

The event will start at 5pm ET on the second floor of the flagship Microsoft Store on Fifth Avenue. After about an hour of an open meet and greet, the team will head up to the eSports and Gaming Studio for the showmatch against OpTic. The first 15 fans will get to see the action live on Floor 5, and the match will also be streamed on the 2nd floor of the Store. For those that aren’t able to attend in person that day, we’ll be streaming the game live on our Twitch channel, twitch.tv/teamvgj.

What: VGJ.Storm meet and greet, signing session and online showmatch vs OpTic Gaming
When: August 7th between 5-8pm ET
Where: Microsoft Store Flagship on Fifth Avenue, Second Floor.

Address: 677 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022

For those that aren’t able to attend, you can tune in at twitch.tv/teamvgj to watch the stream at 6pm ET with @GranDGranT casting.

RSVP for the community event here for a chance to win VGJ swag before the match!

See you all on August 7th!