J.Storm Fortnite Update

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — SEPTEMBER 27, 2018 — J.Storm is excited to make another announcement today, this time in Fortnite. We would like to welcome Dawson “Tylarzz” Sherwood as our second Fortnite player. Tylarzz joins his teammate, James “Painful” Garrod, to form J.Storm’s first Fortnite duo.

Before playing Fortnite competitively, both Tylarzz and Painful grew large audiences in the Minecraft community. They’re looking to take their successful experiences in Minecraft and make an impact in competitive Fortnite.

J.Storm’s General Manager, Chandler Dent, had this to say on the newest addition to the team:

“We’re excited to bring both Tylarzz and Painful on board and to expand into our second title. Tylarzz & Painful both bring a great mix of entertainment, competitiveness and professionalism that aligns with our values as an org.

“Dawson ended with the most kills at PAX West and we’re excited to see what he can do moving forward in the competitive scene. James is a proven competitor in multiple skirmishes and has continued to place highly, finishing in the top ten in week one of the Fall Skirmish. We can’t wait to work together.”

Tylarzz had this to say on joining J.Storm:

“I’m super excited to join and represent J.Storm moving forward. Expect big things to come!”

Painful had this to say on joining J.Storm:

“I’m so excited to be joining J.Storm, and I’m looking forward to representing J.Storm in professional Fortnite tournaments. No one is ready for what is about to come, I train harder than everyone and I’m ready to put on a show.”

Be sure to follow Tylarzz at @Tylarzz on Twitter and tune in to his stream here, and follow Painful at @JamesGarrod7 on Twitter and tune in to his stream here.

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