VGJ.Storm Wins GESC Thailand!

Wins over The Final Tribe, Fnatic & Keen Gaming in the GESC Thailand playoffs earned VGJ.Storm our first LAN victory as a team. After taking some time to adjust to the new patch and battling through the group stages, VGJ.Storm only dropped a single game in the playoff stage. Yawar YS Hassan & Roman Resolut1on Fomynok each showed versatility as they were able to seamlessly switch positions from game to game to effectively carry from mid and safelane. JingJun Sneyking Wu continually pressured the offlane and created space for his team to grow into the game. Arif MSS- Anwar won the MVP vote from many behind his stellar Tusk play in the grand finals. Last and certainly not least, Avery SVG Silverman kept the team ticking with his support play and excellent drafting.

Team Director Jack KBBQ Chen had this to say on the team's first LAN victory:

"Really proud of our being able to step up when we most needed it, and our resilience in recovering from some rough days of practice and group stage matches. We still have a ton to learn and hone but the focus and discipline was awesome from this group as it consistently has been, so we have lots to look forward to."

Resolut1on had this to say about his first LAN with the team:

"It's pretty surprising for me that we did so well at our first tournament as a team, since we only had a month of practicing together. Obviously I'm very happy about the win but I'm even happier about the road to TI. We had a lot of fun and it was very enjoyable to stay in that atmosphere, I think it's important right now for a Dota team to get along with each other well since you are hanging out together for like 80% of the time. So first one in the bag and hopefully more to come!"

VGJ.Storm has no time to celebrate as we immediately head off to MDL Changsha to try to win our first Major. A big thank you to the fans at the arena and our fans watching online!