VGJ.Storm Status Update

VGJ.Storm and the players are hitting the reset button on our current roster. We would like to thank Brian BSJ Canavan and Jaron monkeys-forever Clinton for their hard work and perseverance in a trying month. We would also like to thank Francis FLee Lee & Stanley Stan King Yang for being with us from the beginning. We've enjoyed seeing them grow as players and people.

Jack KBBQ Chen had this to say on the reset and the future for VGJ.Storm:

"First and foremost, I wanna thank the guys for battling all out through the month of January. Monkeys and BSJ stepped into a really chaotic situation, and brought great energy, drive, and communication to our team. Francis and Stan (and Eric as well) saw their roles change and needed to step up and take charge, and they did. Ultimately we were one game away from qualifying for Bucharest, and we put together some good series against elite teams we'd been struggling against. At the end of the day players had to go through a ton of overlapping qualifiers, and that's tremendously stressful and draining. Add that to uncertainty about our mid position, and the players eventually held a meeting where we all discussed going in a different direction.
I'm grateful to Stan and Francis for their time here. We watched them change, adapt, and grow as people and get valuable international experience (Stan's first victories on LAN!), and as a new organization we had plenty to learn from them as well. It's just the nature of competition, sometimes you put in the time and the work, and still don't reach everything you strived for. We know they'll continue to grind and find success going forward. Francis is a talented free spirit, and Stan is a natural organizer and teacher, and we'll miss both.
I'd also like to thank Brian and Jaron. They immediately improved our team's energy and communication, fitting in from day one, and are a huge reason why we went into early January qualifiers in great form. Though I found Jaron's dietary restrictions even less palatable than BSJ's stream tilts, I'll miss them both as well. 
What myself and VGJ don't intend to miss for long is competing in professional Dota. It won't be long before we find people who share our commitment and values, and go to war again."

Thanks for supporting us, and keep an eye out for news regarding our Storm roster!