Roster Announcement


It's a new year, and a new look VGJ.Storm going into 2018. We really want to thank Sneyking for his contribution to the organization these past few months. It was sad when he let us know of his decision to leave, but we appreciate all he's done for the team and wish him the best.

We are excited to announce two new additions to VGJ.Storm to round out our roster. Brian BSJ Canavan and Jaron monkeys-forever Clinton join our organization as our carry and offlaner, respectively.

Team director, Jack KBBQ Chen, had this to say on the roster changes:

"We're excited to welcome BSJ and monkeys-forever to VGJ. Both players have battled through NA Dota for years to compete at the highest level, and we can't wait to add our resources and structure to their drive in helping everyone reach their potential.
It's sad to be moving on from a player who was in many ways the heart and soul of our team, Sneyking. I'd heard many things about him when initially coming into this organization, but at the end of the day what stood out above all else to me is how maniacally competitive and relentless he was. He had vision and experience that few people can match, and continually refused to settle. Some of these are qualities that can't be taught or instilled. We wish him well and he deserves and will probably find success wherever he goes. We'd also like to thank Yawar for helping us so much as a standin from mid-November onward. He didn't have to do any of the things he did, but he showed up to play, shared and taught and even mediated at times, and put in great effort to help our team and improve himself. We believe that he's primed to break out.
2017 was a great year. We learned a lot about each other and what it takes to compete at this level, and we're on to make 2018 even better."

Here is how we will line up:

  1. Brian BSJ Canavan
  2. Eric Ryoya Dong
  3. Jaron monkeys-forever Clinton
  4. Francis FLee Lee
  5. Stanley Stan King Yang