J.Storm Dota 2 Roster Update September 28, 2019

QUEENS, NEW YORK — SEPTEMBER 28, 2019 — We have reached an agreement with Virtus.pro over the permanent transfer of Roman “Resolut1on” Fomynok. Roman will meet up with his new team ahead of today’s roster lock. We’d like to thank him for his time on J.Storm and wish him well ahead of the new DPC season.

In his place, we would like to welcome Braxton “Brax” Paulson on trial. Brax brings a wealth of experience and leadership to a team of veterans and up-and-coming players. Brax will play position three, while David “Moo” Hull will revert back to the carry position that we saw last year.

General Manager, Chandler Dent, had this to say on the team moving forward:

“We’d like to thank Reso for his hard work through the later portions of last season, as well as his professionalism over the past few days while talks have taken place. We’re sad to see him go on late notice, but we respected his wishes in wanting to join VP. We wish him the best of luck this season.

The timing of the deal makes things a bit difficult for us heading in to Major qualifiers next week, but we’re confident that we have what it takes to do well. Brax impressed us last year with his performances against us and we’re looking forward to seeing what he can bring to the team.”

Roman on his departure:

“It’s been a short but pleasant journey, but I'm very grateful for the opportunity J.Storm gave me to participate in tournaments at the end of last season. Just when I got to New York and started practicing with the team where things were going pretty well for us, I got a call. Solo and Noone reached out to me and asked if I was interested in playing with them. It was a tough decision to make. My heart was tearing apart understanding that I would leave Fear, Moo, MoOz and Nine two days before the roster lock without a carry player, but at the same time, when the opportunity came, I felt as though I had to seize it. I've been an admirer of the VP guys since the beginning of their team, and getting a chance to play with them means the World to me. Once again, thanks to the team and J.Storm for taking care of me these last few months and I’m sorry for putting the team in this position.”


  1. David Moo Hull

  2. Leon Nine Kirilin

  3. Braxton Brax Paulson

  4. Joel MoOz Mori Ozambela

  5. Clinton Fear Loomis

Coach: Jimmy DeMoN Ho

Any questions for comment can be addressed to business@teamjstorm.com. Catch us in action in the finals of Midas Mode and ESL this weekend, as well as Major qualifiers starting next weekend.



J.Storm + XPG Partnership

QUEENS, NEW YORK — JUNE 19, 2019 — J.Storm is excited to announce our partnership with XPG, a manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash products. Part of ADATA Technology, XPG will be providing us with top of the line XPG gear, where we will be using XPG gaming headsets, SSDs, and DRAM memory exclusively.

“XPG is delighted to partner with XPG. We’re excited to use the latest and best equipment to improve the performance of our teams. We can’t wait to see what we can do together over the next couple years,” said Chandler Dent, J.Storm’s Business Director.

“XPG is extremely pleased to be partnering with J.Storm,” said Alex Yin, XPG Business Group Head. “We are honored to be associated with J.Storm and its members, and together we look forward to achieving some impressive results on the cyber battlefield and making an impact on the esports industry.”

XPG’s partnership with J.Storm will build on the existing values of the organization including its commitment to design excellence and teamwork, and desire to help esports pros reach new heights of success for themselves.

About XPG

XPG was established by ADATA with the aim of providing high-performance products to gamers, esports pros, and tech enthusiasts. XPG is committed to developing products that help users achieve extreme performance; therefore, it works closely with the gaming and esports community to gather insight into the real needs of users and incorporate it into its hardware. Beyond performance, every XPG product surpasses the rigorous ADATA A+ testing methodology, which ensures the highest standards of stability and reliability. Not only do XPG products sport solid functionality and durability, but they also shine through with sheer cool designs that have earned prestigious international accolades such as the Good Design Award, Red Dot Award, and Taiwan Excellence Award Gold . XPG delivers extreme gaming experiences to help make every moment exciting.

J.Storm Dota 2 Roster Update May 9

QUEENS, NEW YORK — MAY 9, 2019 — J.Storm has a roster update to announce as we make a change to our carry and offlane positions. Despite the win at WSOE, the team has struggled with communication and in practice games behind the scenes. That, coupled with our disappointing results in the previous qualifiers, has led the team to believe that a change needs to be made to gives us the best chance of qualifying and making an impact at TI9.

We would like to thank Sangdon “FoREv” Lee for his time at J.Storm as we say goodbye to the talented offlaner. David “Moo” Hull will revert back to the offlane position that brought him much success in the past.

To round out our roster, we welcome back a familiar face in Roman “Resolut1on” Fomynok, who we have acquired from Forward Gaming. Roman will take over the one position on the team. We’re excited to see what this roster can do heading in to qualifiers next week. Catch us in action on Wednesday, May 15 as we begin our run towards the Epicenter Major.


  • Roman Resolut1on Fomynok

  • Jonathan Bryle De Guia

  • David Moo Hull

  • Clinton Fear Loomis

  • Taewon March Park

  • Jimmy DeMoN Ho

Thanks for your support, and #BringTheStorm.


J.Storm Dota 2 Team Update

QUEENS, NEW YORK — DECEMBER 14, 2018 — J.Storm has an announcement to make regarding our Dota 2 roster. Effective immediately, we are releasing Milan MiLAN Kozomara from the team as we make a change to our support position. We’d like to thank Milan for his hard work, dedication and professionalism over these past few months, and we wish him the best moving forward.

We would like to welcome Clinton Fear Loomis to our Dota 2 team. One of the most respected and successful Dota players of all time, Fear has won a number of tournaments over the course of his career, with The International 5 win with Evil Geniuses as the major highlight. We are looking to benefit from his experience, stability and leadership throughout the rest of the DPC season.

Fear had this to say on joining J.Storm:

“I'm happy to be re-united with old friends and new talent on J.Storm. I have been playing Dota from its roots with March and DeMoN and we have been very good friends ever since. I am very excited to be playing with FoREv, Moo and Bryle and I think they are some of the best core players I could wish to play with this season.”

General Manager, Chandler Dent, had this to say on the changes:

“First off, we would like to thank Milan for his contributions over the course of this season. These decisions are never easy and we’re sad to see him go. He’s a talented player and an overall great person, and we wish him all the best.

“Regarding Fear, we’re extremely excited to welcome one of the legends in Dota. We are looking forward to learning from him and seeing what he can bring to the organization.”

Active roster:

  • David Moo Hull

  • Jonathan Bryle De Guia

  • Sangdon FoREv Lee

  • Clinton Fear Loomis

  • Taewon March Park

  • Coach: Jimmy DeMoN Ho

You can catch the team next in the Chongqing Major in January. Thanks for your support, and #BringTheStorm!

For media and business inquiries, please email business@teamvgj.co, or follow us on Twitter.


J.Storm and GG.Bet Partnership

(QUEENS, NEW YORK — NOVEMBER 9, 2018 —) J.Storm is happy to announce our title sponsor for this Dota season, GG.Bet! GG.Bet is an online betting platform designed by esports enthusiasts and professionals who are dedicated to bringing you the best possible experience in online betting on your favorite games. GG.Bet provides live odds on all of your favorite esports titles and we’re very excited to be partnering with them!

For more information on GG.Bet, please visit their website at https://gg.bet/en.