J.Storm Dota 2 Team Update

QUEENS, NEW YORK — DECEMBER 14, 2018 — J.Storm has an announcement to make regarding our Dota 2 roster. Effective immediately, we are releasing Milan MiLAN Kozomara from the team as we make a change to our support position. We’d like to thank Milan for his hard work, dedication and professionalism over these past few months, and we wish him the best moving forward.

We would like to welcome Clinton Fear Loomis to our Dota 2 team. One of the most respected and successful Dota players of all time, Fear has won a number of tournaments over the course of his career, with The International 5 win with Evil Geniuses as the major highlight. We are looking to benefit from his experience, stability and leadership throughout the rest of the DPC season.

Fear had this to say on joining J.Storm:

“I'm happy to be re-united with old friends and new talent on J.Storm. I have been playing Dota from its roots with March and DeMoN and we have been very good friends ever since. I am very excited to be playing with FoREv, Moo and Bryle and I think they are some of the best core players I could wish to play with this season.”

General Manager, Chandler Dent, had this to say on the changes:

“First off, we would like to thank Milan for his contributions over the course of this season. These decisions are never easy and we’re sad to see him go. He’s a talented player and an overall great person, and we wish him all the best.

“Regarding Fear, we’re extremely excited to welcome one of the legends in Dota. We are looking forward to learning from him and seeing what he can bring to the organization.”

Active roster:

  • David Moo Hull

  • Jonathan Bryle De Guia

  • Sangdon FoREv Lee

  • Clinton Fear Loomis

  • Taewon March Park

  • Coach: Jimmy DeMoN Ho

You can catch the team next in the Chongqing Major in January. Thanks for your support, and #BringTheStorm!

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J.Storm and GG.Bet Partnership

(QUEENS, NEW YORK — NOVEMBER 9, 2018 —) J.Storm is happy to announce our title sponsor for this Dota season, GG.Bet! GG.Bet is an online betting platform designed by esports enthusiasts and professionals who are dedicated to bringing you the best possible experience in online betting on your favorite games. GG.Bet provides live odds on all of your favorite esports titles and we’re very excited to be partnering with them!

For more information on GG.Bet, please visit their website at https://gg.bet/en.

J.Storm Fortnite Update

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — SEPTEMBER 27, 2018 — J.Storm is excited to make another announcement today, this time in Fortnite. We would like to welcome Dawson “Tylarzz” Sherwood as our second Fortnite player. Tylarzz joins his teammate, James “Painful” Garrod, to form J.Storm’s first Fortnite duo.

Before playing Fortnite competitively, both Tylarzz and Painful grew large audiences in the Minecraft community. They’re looking to take their successful experiences in Minecraft and make an impact in competitive Fortnite.

J.Storm’s General Manager, Chandler Dent, had this to say on the newest addition to the team:

“We’re excited to bring both Tylarzz and Painful on board and to expand into our second title. Tylarzz & Painful both bring a great mix of entertainment, competitiveness and professionalism that aligns with our values as an org.

“Dawson ended with the most kills at PAX West and we’re excited to see what he can do moving forward in the competitive scene. James is a proven competitor in multiple skirmishes and has continued to place highly, finishing in the top ten in week one of the Fall Skirmish. We can’t wait to work together.”

Tylarzz had this to say on joining J.Storm:

“I’m super excited to join and represent J.Storm moving forward. Expect big things to come!”

Painful had this to say on joining J.Storm:

“I’m so excited to be joining J.Storm, and I’m looking forward to representing J.Storm in professional Fortnite tournaments. No one is ready for what is about to come, I train harder than everyone and I’m ready to put on a show.”

Be sure to follow Tylarzz at @Tylarzz on Twitter and tune in to his stream here, and follow Painful at @JamesGarrod7 on Twitter and tune in to his stream here.

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J.Storm Dota Team

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- SEPTEMBER 27, 2018 -- VGJ has a couple important announcements to make today. The first major announcement is that our strategic partnership with Vici Gaming has ended, not only complying with Valve’s ownership rules for the Dota 2 season ahead, but also meaning that VGJ.Thunder will no longer be a Dota 2 team moving forward. Additionally, as part of our rebrand, the organization will continue under a new name and banner: J.Storm. We will be focused on North America with Dota 2, Fortnite, and other titles.

Continuing our announcement, we are excited to welcome David “Moo” Hull, Jonathan “Bryle” De Guia, Sangdon “FoREv” Lee, Milan “MiLAN” Kozomara and Taewon “March” Park to J.Storm’s Dota 2 team.

J.Storm’s General Manager, Chandler Dent, had this to say on the new team:

“We are thrilled to welcome Moo, Bryle, FoREv, MiLAN and March to J.Storm. We are focused on building off of the success we had last year as a new org and welcoming in a new set of players. We have a talented stack of five quality players that are hungry to compete at the highest level. Following the team’s successful run in the Kuala Lumpur Major Qualifiers, we’re confident that we’ll only improve as we grow together and continue to build our fan base in North America.”

J.Storm captain, March, had this say on joining J.Storm:

“We’re excited to join J.Storm. We’re looking forward to a great season ahead, and to working together in achieving our competitive and personal goals.”

Catch J.Storm in action this weekend in the ESL One Hamburg Qualifiers starting on September 29th!

David Moo Hull

Jonathan Bryle De Guia

Sangdon FoREv Lee

Milan MiLAN Kozomara

Taewon March Park

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17/18 season Thank you!

In looking back on this past year we wanted to take a moment and thank the VGJ.Storm team that brought us on this incredible journey that culminated in a TI8 7/8th place finish. When we started this organization in September of 2017, attending TI felt like a hoop dream. To come 1st in the World Cyber Arena North America Finals, 1st in the GESC: Thailand Dota Minor, 2nd in the MDL Changsha Major, 1st in The International 2018 North America Qualifier, and 1st in The International 2018 Group B in our first year is something we are extremely grateful for. So we wanted to take a moment to remember, reflect, and thank all those involved in helping us achieve these incredible accomplishments.


The above is in no way a reflection of where we are going in the upcoming season. We are currently in the midst of the post-TI roster shuffle and fully intend to field a team for the upcoming season. We will comment on this as soon as we have news to share.


KBBQ - Jack Chen (Dota Team Director). Jack the Ancient. Is there anyone in the world who loves Dota more than Jack? This man lives and breathes Dota from morning to night. He has no worldly needs besides a floor to sleep on, something to fill his belly, and Dota. Bringing Jack in to manage the Dota team means he channeled all his love for the game to help the team be successful and win many Dota games. We were honored to have him on the journey this past year.


Clairvoyance - Aaron Kim (Dota Coach). Clair the Jack-of-all-trades. There is nobody who adapted more and sacrificed more throughout the course of the year to support every player we brought in. Aaron is a coach who cares deeply about the players and wants them to be successful.


Resolut1on - Roman Fominok (Position 1/2 player). Roman the student. Roman joined us late into the journey but was a vital part of our success. Coming in with an incredible resume, Roman also came with a remarkable hunger to learn and grow. He adapted well to the players around him and uplifted their gameplay while staying true to himself.


YS - Yawar Hassan (Position 1/2 player). Yawar the grinder. He is by far the quietest of the group but he made the sacrifice to talk and express himself more to see this team be successful. This was an explosive growth year for Yawar and it’s just the beginning!


Sneyking - Jingjun Wu (Position 3 player). Sneyking the passion. His incredible drive combined with his mechanical skill was a critical component to our success this year. Sney was with VGJ.Storm from day one with our original stack, as well as our TI stack, and we’re grateful to have spent the year with him.


MSS- - Arif Anwar (Position 4 player). Mojo the foundation. MSS has the ability to completely change the course of a game unlike the majority of Position 4 players. We had to publish dedicated highlight tapes because we couldn't narrow down all the amazing plays he had in a single tournament. He was the ever-present laughter and smile on the team.


SVG - Avery Silverman (Position 5 player, Captain). Avery the charismatic leader and captain. Avery truly emits all the features in a captain that you could ask for. Avery has superb analytical prowess while drawing out the best in each player. SVJesus may be no more without his long hair, but we wouldn't take Avery any other way.


Also thanks to everyone who was with us along the journey throughout the year! We wouldn’t be where we are today without their contributions.


Stan King - Stanley Yang

FLee - Francis Lee

Ryoya - Eric Dong

Ritsu - Ravindu Kodippili

Kitrak - Karthik Rathi

monkeys-forever - Jaron Clinton

BananaSlamJamma - Brian Canavan

Timado - Enzo Gianoli

Illidan - Ilya Pivcaev


- Team VGJ